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Back-to-School Agenda Guide

Okay, the best thing happened when I went to write this post.  I was at Target a few days ago looking at agendas/planners and decided I wanted to talk about the ones I have used in the past and how I liked them. I was scrolling through my drafted posts when I saw the title, "Shopping for the Perfect Agenda" in my feed. As I clicked into this post, I already had a snippet of an intro paragraph written out from 2014 when I drafted it. Omg, it's so cute:

"With school starting in, um, six days, I'm spending the week trying out for field hockey (pray for me, I am hoping to make varsity! The chances are kind of slim to none though...) and organizing all of my things so I can start off the year on a great note. One of the most important supplies to have with me for each school year is a crisp and customizable agenda."

You guys!!! That was the summer before my junior year of high school! Update: I didn't make varsity (ha) until senior year, but how cute is that?! I was so nervous! I remember making Varsity Reserve junior year for the second year in a row and actually crying when I found out. Ah, my old priorities ;) So funny that I have been blogging for over five years and some things just never change! Still obsessed with planners!

I have used the Kate Spade Agenda, Day Designer, Maybooks agenda, and Lilly Pulitzer planners (both small and large) and I liked and disliked things about each. This year I went ahead and purchased this planner from Target, and I am so excited about it. Because I have a lot of commitments this coming school year outside of classes/academics, I knew I need a planner that had a daily focus rather than weekly. This means I needed a planner that included room to plan out my day by time, and also by task.

Other planners with amazing daily layouts: the Day Designer and Simplified Planner. But, I think the Target version is the best option because it's only $20! If I had been wanting to spend a little more on my agenda this year, I really do think I would have gone with this Day Designer because of the schedule and complete task list right next to it. However, the Simplified Planner is just as fabulous with, obviously, a simplified and clean layout.

What planner are you using for this academic year? You can shop more cute options in the carousel below!



  1. Fran, I literally want them all! I love planners and just did a post on my favorite one which is the Erin Condren Life Planner!
    xx, Lauren

  2. I love using the Sugar Paper LA planner from Target, it's inexpensive and definitely large enough to handle everything that I throw at it!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style


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