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Style Confessions

As a blogger, I think it's easy to make a platform look like your life is fabulous, beautiful, and perfect in every way. I mean, we have access to unlimited photo editing apps and flower shops and coffee shops and if you're in need of a new Instagram photo then why not buy a cup of coffee and take a picture of your brew over cute shoes? Really, it can be that easy. But is it?

Of course, so many bloggers touch on how that just isn't the case. It really isn't. Do you know how often I burn my tongue on my coffee (when it's not iced, obviously) or get blisters from my favorite shoes? Seriously, if I had a dollar for every incident I would have quite a collection of Chanel. However, I have yet to read about a blogger who wants to admit that her style isn't everything she hopes it might be... and that's how I have felt as of late. Maybe few bloggers feel their style is inadequate and that's why they share daily outfits for the world to see, but for me I know that when I share an outfit or buy a new piece of clothing, there is a lot of frustration behind the scenes that leaves me thinking: a different pair of shoes would look better with these jeans, or, I shouldn't have worn a necklace and earrings with this outfit. For me, I know what I love when it comes to style, but I feel like a do a poor job of executing it.

Since my recent trip to New York I have spotted on almost every block girls with perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect outfits, beautiful bags, shoes, accessories... the list goes on. It has made me wonder why I don't walk down the street looking and feeling like a million bucks. What am I doing wrong?! I feel like I know what I want and somehow, for some reason, I can't attain it. Where are my Chanel flats and Karen Walker sunnies?! Am I being materialistic? Or, am I being lazy and I should be doing my hair every morning and working harder to present myself well? I feel like my goals for my style and my life are not only far away, but almost out of grasp. I want to express my style in a way that I love, but I can't quite figure out. This is something both frustrating and confusing because I don't quite know how to take the first steps to solving the problem... I think it's something deeper than walking into Bloomingdales and buying myself a dream outfit. I think this is something more along the lines of figuring out who I want to be, which is something that changes everyday obviously provided that I'm transferring universities, undecided on a major, and somehow only growing worse at speaking French (partially kidding!). 

Does anyone else ever feel the same way? What do you do to make yourself feel better?


  1. I'm so happy to see this post because I think it's something all women struggle with. For me, I'll leave the house in an outfit I like and feel confident in, and then the minute I see some other girl in a better, cuter outfit I feel like a slob and I'm questioning what I was ever thinking.

    I think style is confidence, so during a transitioning period of your life it's easy to feel like that might be changing. I know college for me was a period of change in all aspects of life, but look at style as one of the things you can have control over. It's ok for that to change, and being realistic about that will help you feel comfortable in your style.

    Hope this helps, you're fabulous! Xo

  2. I feel the same way sometimes! The part of this post that resonated the most with me was about whether you should be doing your hair and makeup everyday and be working harder to present yourself. Personally, this is almost a daily struggle for me. I don't have the most exciting life (no matter how much I would like to think otherwise hahaha) so sometimes it's hard to justify spending extra time getting ready when I feel pretty much fine about myself until I go out and see someone who put in the effort I didn't. I think these feelings are always magnified when you're away from home. I'm from the Midwest as well and sometimes the difference between NYC, the East coast, and home is startling (even though I love all 3 places).

  3. Love this. It's so good to hear I'm not the only one who gets like this. I love your style, just do you girl!!

  4. I totally feel that way sometimes! Especially being a blogger who is constantly sourcing inspiration from "professional/ career" bloggers, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram etc. it can be really hard not to get bogged down by everyone else. As you continue growing & figuring out more about yourself, everything else will fall into place!! XO, Nicole //

  5. Yesssssssss. Working in fashion especially, it's crazy because every single day people show up in new clothes that are styled better than whatever I'm wearing and it literally makes me wonder if I'm meant to do what I do.

    I think a lot of times, it comes down to budget. We can't afford to keep up with the trends as they just keep on changing. I try and keep a list of trends I really love and see longevity with, and then just go sale shopping like crazy. I'd say that what I wear now isn't 100% my most ideal style in the world, but it's definitely solid and that's because I work so intentionally to invest in basics and trends I believe in.

    Xo Quincy

  6. This post was extremely relatable!! I often find myself stuck between following fast trends that friends are wearing but don't feel like my style, and staying true to my classic, simplistic fashion sense. I feel like the never-ending influences of social media only make it more difficult, as well as the transition periods of high school and college. It's all about staying true to yourself and trying (even though it can feel impossible) not to compare yourself to others. Thanks for the inspiring content as always!! :))

  7. I definitely feel the same way, especially after spending hours scrolling through Instagram looking at people at peoples with perfect wardrobes and an endless supply of clothes. Then I remind myself that things are not always as they appear - some bloggers buy clothes just to shoot in and then return them, or they go into crazy amounts of debt to start their blog. One of the reasons that I enjoy reading your blog and other similar blogs is that I get to see (what I think is) real, everyday clothing which is so much more relatable.

  8. I feel this Fran!! Seriously everyone I see around town and especially on Instagram is constantly trying to impress everyone with their appearance. Not to say that style isn't something I don't cherish, but it has become something different recently. I constantly think that if I'm not dressing cute every day that means I don't like fashion, but in reality I just like to be comfy and dress up when I want to! Love that you shared this because someone had to say it!

    Xo, Kate


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