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This Week's Top 10: Heading Up North


1. Did this week fly by for anyone else? I got drinks with two of my high school girlfriends on Wednesday and ordered an Aperol Spritz, which I hadn't had since Mexico last year. Um, I forgot how fabulous these are! They are officially going to be my thing for the rest of the summer. I ordered another one yesterday at a happy hour with my mom, and I've secured the ingredients to remake them this weekend-- I'm heading up north to Celia's cabin with my friend group! (photo above from her cabin last year; see this blog post for last year's up north recap!)

2. Yesterday, I popped into H&M to return something, and I picked up this bikini to bring up north this weekend. They have some great swimsuits right now at wonderful prices. I've been needing a new swimsuit, and I wanted to bring one this weekend that isn't super nice because we will be in a lake vs. a pool. It's really flattering and comfy! I also love this suit from H&M but didn't see it in my store.

3. Thank you to everyone who voted in the phone case IG poll this week! I am getting a new phone next week (iPhone 11 probably! V excited to see what the face unlock and dual-camera are all about) and have decided on this phone case with the color combo "X".

4. Sooo... something happened this week and all of a sudden everyone's craving fall now? I'm all about fall, like anyone else (sweaters and candles are my truth), but I'm not quite there yet with wishing summer away. I usually need until Labor Day to get in the fall mindset, because for Wisconsinites, the inevitable negative temps are only around the corner once the leaves start to change. However, I have to admit I have already added this candle (OMFG), the cutest shirtdress, this chic sweater, and these beautiful boots to my fall radar.... don't judge.

5. That said... these six questions to ask yourself when purchasing something new.... are just what I needed to read. I really want to work on this, especially as moving to NYC draws closer. I need to clean out my closet of high school/college clothes and start investing in high-quality, ethically made, and versatile pieces I will wear for a while!

6. 2 things I wore this week: 

-- this outfit/romper (IG photo here!) that so many of you loved -- I love it too! I am shocked at how well it fits for not having tried it on in the store to confirm. I went with a medium (TTS) and it's loose and tight in all of the right places-- rare for a romper, I know.

-- these pink linen shorts, which are so comfy. I sized up to an 8 for a looser/comfier fit and I am so pleased with my decision! I need the matching jacket to come back in stock in my size!!!

7. I've had the new Dominic Fike album on repeat all week. The whole thing is just so good.

8. This DC apartment tour is fabulous! I think if Madewell was an apartment, this might be it?!

9. On the apartment topic -- this renter-friendly wainscotting wall hack is EVERYTHING. I will definitely be doing this in my NYC apartment if it suits the space.

10. ICYMI, on the blog this week:

The best dorm/apartment purchases I made in college

My Nordstrom sale faves, from clothing, to beauty, to home.

Do you have any fun weekend plans? 



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