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This Week's Top 10

1. Hi! I haven't posted in two weeks, which is crazy because I was on such a consistent kick for the last few months. A quick recap: my 22nd birthday was on the 20th, and then I got my wisdom teeth out this Tuesday. I am so fortunate that my wisdom teeth recovery hasn't been too painful or uncomfortable (so far)... I definitely heard a few horror stories from my friends and was very nervous going into it!

2. The devastating Jacob Blake shooting this week is beyond unacceptable and heartbreaking. And, the fact that it happened right here in Wisconsin is, even more, saddening to me. Here are ways we can help.

3. VOGUE shared many leader's insights into the state of hope, and I found them really interesting and profound.

4. I saw Ella wearing these jeans on her Instagram... and now I am convinced I need them. Have any of you tried Rolla's jeans before?!

5. Am I the only one who didn't know how many fabulous clothes Amazon has?! Like, how is this chic linen dress only $30?!

6. I start my job in just about two weeks now and I'm looking forward to it! I loved this post on how to make your desk at home cute yet practical, with lots of affordable accessory ideas.

7. Speaking of starting my job...  there aren't any updates on my move to NYC. To be honest, after listening to this week's episode of the Morning Toast and seeing more and more people leave the city, I have no desire to move any time soon.

8. If you want a book that is light and easy, but also will probably make you cry (is that just me?), I just finished this one and thought it was fabulous.

9. I got a cold brew maker for my birthday and I'm really excited about it! I want this chic glass to drink it out of every morning. Am I crazy?

10. My boyfriend and I started The Marvelous Mrs Maisel this week and we are loving it so far! Did you know you could have Amazon Prime parties, like Netflix parties? I am not a TV person but this is so cute and funny. It's much lighter than Money Heist, which was the last series we watched (and loved).

What's new with you?



  1. Big big Mrs. Maisle fan over here! It seriously became one of my favorite shows!


    1. it's so good! she's seriously so cute and funny.

      have a great weekend, mariah!
      xo, fran


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