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The Best Dorm/Apartment purchases I Made in College...

It's crazy to me that I'm not heading back to school in a couple of weeks! Although I can't move at the end of this month as planned, I am still looking forward to the day I finally get to decorate my apartment. However, until I am able to sign a lease, I have no idea how much stuff I'll actually need for my new space, or the vibe I'll want to go for! So, today I thought it would be kind of fun to share the best purchases I made for my dorm and apartments in college for anyone heading back to school this season!

Shop the collage...

hands art // howdy art // mini lamp // candle
tassel pillow // round velvet pillow // oriental pillow
hamper // laundry bag backpack
nightstand // chunky blanket // area rug // storage ottoman

Some of the realistic purchases...

6-foot phone charger // Hands down this is one of the most useful things I own. Having an extra-long charging cord is just an unmatched little luxury. Also, I am convinced this particular one charges your phone much faster than a regular charger!

Flexible Floor Lamp // I had this floor lamp in two of my apartments, and it was the best thing for late-night studying or reading in bed. The adjustable/flexible head makes good lighting convenient wherever you need it, and this particular one comes in a few cute finishes for under $30! (this year I had this adorable mini lamp on my nightstand which I loved because it gave off the best ambient lighting)

Laundry Bag Backpack or Hamper // When I was in the dorms freshman year and did not have in-unit laundry, I had a laundry bag backpack similar to this which was a game-changer (an even cheaper option here). I didn't have to carry anything up and down the stairs... this made it so much easier. 10/10 recommend. However, when I had in-unit laundry, I had a massive hamper. I have a habit of letting it get soo full and not getting around to doing my laundry when I should, so I loved having a hamper that fit dirty clothes, but also my extra sheets/towels and wasn't an eye-sore to look at.

Storage Ottoman // I have this one from Target which is under $20... such a great purchase. It not only makes for an easy extra seat in your living space when you have people over (or a step-stool to get up onto your dorm bed, as I used it freshman year, haha), but you can store anything random/unwanted inside and not have to look at it! I loved having this. I think it's just all-around so useful.

Some of the "fun" purchases...

Assorted throw pillows // I bought cute throw pillows freshman year and sophomore year, and they lasted me until the end of college! It was so nice to have throw pillows that made my bed look cute, and year after year they suited me perfectly. It's also nice to have a few extra pillows if you ever have a friend sleeping over and you need to lend them a pillow... or something like that. You just never know!!!

Gold frames // Similar to the throw pillows, I reused these frames every year and it was fun to make different gallery walls in my space without needing a bunch of new stuff every year.

Cozy throw blanket // I didn't buy a cute throw until senior year, and I didn't realize how much of a game-changer it was until I had it. It was great for naps when I didn't want to get under my covers and mess up my bed, or for bringing into the living room to watch movies at night without having to share a blanket with my roomies. I love this chunky one and this tassel one!

An Amazing Candle // I always had a candle lit in my room (whenever I was in there! not starting any fires!) and switched it up depending on the season. Just being in a cozy environment that smells good makes your room feel much homier. I linked my favorite candle for fall... it's just strong enough to fill a room but it isn't overpowering. Smells so good, I've gone through at least three of these in the last couple of years!

Cute Rug // This is probably another obvious one... of course you need a rug in your dorm or apartment! Makes it so much cozier and cuter... just completely transforms the room. Wayfair has some great options for inexpensive rugs of many sizes and styles!

Nightstand // I bought a nightstand very similar to this one (mine has sold out) because it was inexpensive, and it ended up being one of my best purchases. I went without a nightstand for one year in college and looking back, not having one was so inconvenient. This was well worth it!


For my upcoming apartment, I'll likely stick to the vibe from this blog post.. lots of crisp white and blue accents. However, for a dorm, I would definitely make it more youthful, colorful, and cozy. Just for fun, you can see my dorm tour from four years ago here!

Are you heading back to school this fall?! Wishing you all the best with traveling, online classes, and staying healthy! It likely won't be the same, but you can still make the most of it!

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