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A Week Up North

The first week of summer (aka the second week of May), my friends and I drove over four hours up north Wisconsin to my roommate, Celia's, family cabin. The group included all but one of our friends who went on our spring break trip to Mexico, and it was such a fun way to kick off the summer! Although it was a few weeks ago now, it was just too fun not to share some photos from the week.

driving up north -- #nofilter

For the most part we just hung out on the lake, by the lake, in the sauna, and jumped on the trampoline. I even went canoeing on day! We did a huge Costco run the morning before we drove up so we would be stocked with food and drink, and then also ventured into the little town (seriously, it was so little!) twice during the week for more essentials.

We played lots of Cards Against Humanity, I read some of my book, and we overall just enjoyed each other's company one last time before jumping into our own summer plans. So many people in Wisconsin have cabins or lake houses "up north," but since my family isn't originally from here, it's something that I'm not too familiar with! This was my first time up north Wisconsin in the summer, and it was truly lovely! We got especially lucky that the weather was sunny and surprisingly quite warmer than it was here at home in Milwaukee.

Have you gone on any adventures yet this summer?

at one point my friends threw me in the lake!!

how cute?! the centerpiece + the sheepskins on the backs of each chair

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