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My Senior Year of College Room Tour

Ah, leave it to me to wait until I'm moving out of my apartment to finally share some photos of my room! I can't believe college is actually over and my next move is to NYC into a "real" adult apartment. Better late than never, though, right? I'm excited to share my full senior year of college room tour with you guys today!

 It was so nice having such a spacious place this year; we absolutely loved our apartment. This place is going to be missed!

I've linked everything underneath all of the photos and included more details on the space along with my old room tour posts! Enjoy! (I apologize in advance; I think something was wrong with my camera because I dont know why the pics turned out so grainy!!)


not the prettiest picture but this gives you an idea of the layout

I used this trunk to store sweatshirts and the ikat bins for bras + underwear
The lucite chair was mostly used for throwing things on... oops

Shop my room...
large blue oriental rug (mine is an 8x10... and this is an incredible price for a rug of this size)
similar sheepskin rug here

similar large surf/beach print: here, here, here, and more below

jewelry organizer // Boy Smells candle (a fave of mine)

similar white ruffle comforter: here, here, here
similar cream throw pillow: here and here
similar white lumbar pillows (wayyy cuter than mine IMO): here, here, and here

similar wicker trunk here and here
ikat bins: old from home goods, similar nesting boxes here

The details...
We ended up using my desk from my room last year for the TV in our living room, so I didn't have a desk in my room this year. This was only annoying, like, maybe two or three times throughout the entire school year? My senioritis was pretty bad... and I'm more of a library person when I really need to focus anyway.

For the first month or two of school, my bed was actually facing a different direction: the long side was against the wall so you walked into the room looking at the side of the bed instead of the foot. After a month or two I just didn't love the tightness between the foot of the bed and the dresser, so Elizabeth helped me rotate it, and I love that we did that. 

The big surfer print is (obviously) my favorite part of the room. I say obviously because I was constantly posting photos of it on IG/stories throughout the school year... The print has since sold out, but it is from Society 6 and they have many similar options on their site (this one and this one are very similar, and more are linked above)! I ordered the XL (biggest size) which was 28x38 in this particular print I believe. It looks like Gray Malin for a fraction of the price!

The dresser came with the apartment, and having the utility door in my room wasn't ideal, but I really can't complain. I actually had a closet door this year in comparison to last year, which was really nice. Overall, even though the bones of this apartment weren't the prettiest (the wood trim drives me crazy), it was such a great space. I especially loved all of the natural light. I mean... that's seriously one of the most important things to me when it comes to living spaces.

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