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Junior Year Apartment Room Tour

Hello! I went to write a decor blog post yesterday when I realized I never shared an official room tour from my apartment this year!!! After sharing a couple decorating posts last summer (here and here specifically) and putting a lot of planning and energy into decorating, I can't believe I never got around to putting this post together! Without further adieu, here is my apartment room tour from this year... better late than never, right?!

You might recognize some of the gallery wall from various Instagram stories or this post I did with Tempur-Pedic in the fall! I used the mattress topper they sent me throughout the entire year and really loved it.

Funny story: the original photos I shot for that campaign are the ones you see above. However, those photos never went live (except for a random Instagram post) because I had to reshoot the pictures without bedding on my bed to show the topper... lol. At the time I was so annoyed that I'd messed that up and had to reshoot, take off all of my bedding, and then remake my bed, but at least it gave me unused photos that are coming in handy for this post!

As you can see, I didn't have a closet in my room this year like I did in my room last year. This meant I had to get a little creative with my organization, and I went to great lengths to try to make my overflowing wardrobe not too displeasing to look at it. Here was my method:

HANGING CLOTHES: I color-coordinated my hanging clothes and bought matching hangers (because I'm crazy)

BINS ABOVE: workout clothes, t-shirts, skirts/shorts, and pajamas (in that order)
shimmer striped bins // wire baskets // also love: these woven baskets

WICKER TRUNK: jeans and sweatshirts (hence why it didn't shut... at all)

IKAT BINS: bras in one and undies in another! (lidded bins can be hard to find-- I found mine at Home Goods a couple of summers ago, but this linen set is a cute option too!)



To the right of the trunk, the striped bin was full of my towels and extra sets of sheets/pillowcases, and the small bin on top of that had all of my socks. Yeah... there are a lot of bins...

For shoes... you can see that I have some serious issues. An exorbitant amount of shoes at all times just fully stocked in my room... why did I think this was necessary?! I basically wore the same 3 pairs of shoes on rotation for class 99% of the time, and the same pair of booties almost every time I went out???

Moving on...



My favorite part of my room was the gallery wall. You can see above how the gallery wall originally started before I finished it. In the end I balanced the photos with my "drink more coffee" pennant and my big straw hat (very similar here). Above my pillows I framed my gold foil map of New York (which comes in a ton of different cities!) that was also in my room the previous year. I also reused the gold frames from sophomore year, so the white ones were the only frames I purchased last summer.. I think I either found them at Michael's or Target?? The gold frames are Target.

I found my throw pillows at Target and Home Goods, and you can find my rug here. I have the 8x10, but all sizes are on sale right now for amazing prices!!

By my window I had a big stack of books, which were held up by a Hendrick's bottle that my Dad and brother finished when I was in Chicago for my brother's 21st birthday in September 2017! I love my little collection of books and added a few more to it throughout the year whenever I gathered new ones (this one and this one are new honorable mentions). I also kept a few different candles around the windowsill at all times (this one and this one are two all-time fave candles of mine), and my jewelry on the other end. My jewelry stand is from Amazon.

My tall lamp is from Amazon, and although it isn't the cutest lamp ever, it's really practical and kind of amazing... It's the kind of lamp that you just have to step on the cord to turn on/off, and it's bendable so it's super easy to adjust! I often just had my lamp on and avoided my overhead light because it was insanely overpowering at most times.

My desk is a pretty simple little desk that I found last minute on Amazon. I actually painted my Pottery Barn desk from home last summer to bring to this apartment, but when I got there it was way too big for the room and I had to bring it home. This little desk was the perfect size! I also found the lucite chair on Amazon.

I think I covered everything!! If you have any questions, feel free to ask below! In all, I really loved my room this year. I spent so much time in there, and it was my own cozy little cave :)



  1. Your apartment is so cute! Love the touches of gold and blue!

  2. Where is your bedding from?


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