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Recent Purchases

There are a handful of great sales happening right now, so I want to share some recent purchases I've made to step up my spring wardrobe! I've been feeling uninspired and dissatisfied with my wardrobe recently, and my favorite pair of jeans actually ripped last week, sending me on a bit of a shopping bender...

This Week's Top 10: Easter Weekend

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1. Happy Friday and Easter weekend! It's been a minute since I shared a TWT10, so I have a lot to fill you in on!!!

2. I am home in Milwaukee this weekend for Easter and really enjoying it so far. This summer I interned with my close friend Koryn, who's boyfriend is in a great band in Milwaukee, so I went to their show last night. Koryn is an amazing photographer and took some of my best photos this summer (like these, these, and these!)! I am so glad I got to catch up with her! The show was at the cutest venue and I had a great time. 

3. One of my roommates (hi Coco!) and our friend who took us on spring break in Mexico are both coming over for Easter on Sunday. I'm so excited! My brother is also coming home for Easter and I can't wait to celebrate with him, my mom, and friends. I mentioned in my Easter outfit inspiration blog post this week that I will be wearing this dress!

Hair Accessories I Love Right Now

I am loving the current barrette trend I've seen on bloggers and around Instagram lately. I think adding a hair clip or barrette is a chic way to accessorize that is also easy and functional! Shop my favorites that I've found below:

Ralph Lauren Friends + Family Sale

If I had to choose one brand to wear solely for the rest of my life, I've always thought it would be Ralph Lauren. Of course Ralph Lauren as a whole is timeless and classic, but each brand within RL has it's unique style and vibe that could befit any of my moods! As summer approaches, I always find myself choosing classic pieces more often. That said, there's no better time than now to stock up on classic pieces at Ralph Lauren! Until Sunday night RL is having their Friends and Family sale, which means 30% off with the code FAMILY, plus free fast shipping with no minimum!

Easy Aioli + Roasted Root Vegetables Recipe

I'm very excited to share a little "recipe" today! It's been a minute since I've last shared a recipe, and this one is special. If there is one thing I love when it comes to eating anything, it's dipping my foods in sauces. Any food, any kind of dip, sauce, or spread... I'm here for it. In particular, I love a good aioli. One of my roommates and I decided to make a cheese board on Saturday night and we paired our assortment with delicious roasted veggies and a little aioli. Read on to to try it yourself!

Easter Inspiration + RTR Update

Happy Monday! This past weekend I was selecting my next round of pieces from Rent the Runway and got so inspired by the selection of Easter egg-hued styles. I decided to pull together a little roundup of pretty spring pieces that would look amazing for not only Easter, but any spring event! RTR has the fastest shipping, so if you're still looking for something to wear this coming weekend I would totally recommend checking out their available styles in particular! 

Mexico Recap

Hello!!! This post is long overdue considering I returned back to school from my spring break trip to Mexico over two weeks ago, so I am excited to finally share my trip with you all! This trip is definitely going to remain one of the most memorable vacations I've ever been on, not only because it was my first time to Mexico, but because spending spring break with my best friends just couldn't have been more fun!

April Playlist

At the beginning of this year I inadvertently began making monthly playlists on my Spotify and they've been such a great way to mix up the music I listen to. I have a bad habit of overplaying songs until I can't stand them anymore, so this is an easy way to ensure I rotate between at least 30-40 songs throughout the month. I usually update the playlist whenever I find new songs during the month, but recently I discovered a good amount of songs so I just decided to add them to an April playlist a little early!

The photo above is very irrelevant here, but I am working on my Mexico recap and can't wait to share more details about my trip last week!