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Recent Purchases

There are a handful of great sales happening right now, so I want to share some recent purchases I've made to step up my spring wardrobe! I've been feeling uninspired and dissatisfied with my wardrobe recently, and my favorite pair of jeans actually ripped last week, sending me on a bit of a shopping bender...

Bloomingdales (Jeans)
If you've been following along for the past year, you might recognize these Levi's that I wear not only in the majority of my photos, but practically everyday in real life as well. They actually ripped last week in the middle of one of my classes! I had an exam immediately following the class I was in, so I asked to leave early and ran home so I could quickly change into different pants. I doubt anyone could see the rip, but I was freaking out. And then... I went on a jeans binge. In my defense, Bloomingdales has an amazing selection of jeans on sale right now! Here are the three pairs I ordered:

(I don't plan to keep all three pairs so I'll keep you updated on which pair(s) work out for me!)

I shared this cute green military coat in my Spring Edit blog post, and then a few weeks later it was 50% off! I immediately ordered it, along with this Madewell wrap top that is serving my wardrobe well as an easy staple for spring. I also think it will be great under a blazer during my summer internship (so excited to share more details on that next week!).

This skirt is next up on my list (I think it would be so chic with strappy sandals and a t-shirt for a summer brunch or night with girlfriends!)

Saks Off 5th
When I was home for Easter this weekend, I popped into my mom's eyeglasses store with her to get her glasses tightened. In typical fashion I began wandering around the store trying on different sunglasses frames to pass the time. I spotted these Oliver Peoples 'Dacette' frames in white, tried them on, and had to have them. I love the look of them and have been wanting lighter/brighter sunglasses for summer for the last few weeks now. I took a picture of the style name and then found them on Saks Off 5th on Monday for almost 70% off! I ordered them and I can't wait to wear them all summer long.

I added this top to my cart to reach the free shipping minimum (guilty!). I have been wanting a long sleeve white t-shirt that is cuter than a simple basic tee, so this was a no-brainer! 

Amazon (Skincare)
I was reading this article on the Glitter Guide yesterday and got so inspired to amp up my skincare routine. Every spring I always have this urge to get my skin glowy and ready for the summer sun, so what better time than the present! After doing some research, I ordered this serum on Amazon. I also ordered this lip balm (in pear!) because my favorite YouTuber (Maggie MacDonald!!) has been raving about it and I am obsessed with her!
Next week I plan to share an update skincare routine as the products I've been using have changed a little from last year, and I'm so excited about nailing down a routine for summer!


Have you made any fun recent purchases? Please share!


  1. OMG I got the same lip balm in berry in my Easter basket and ironically, just tried it on right before reading your post!



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