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Small Space Decor (Part IV)

This Friday I am heading back to Madison to move into my new apartment! I'm not actually staying at school for good, just moving things in, but it's hard to believe it's already this time of the year again. This past weekend my mom and I sent my brother off to the airport for his semester abroad, and by the end of August I, too, will be back at school.

This Week's Top 10 + Favorite Sale Finds

1. Happy Friday! This weekend felt long, but I'm excited to be done with work for a few days to head down to St. Louis to celebrate my aunt and uncle's 50th birthday party. I'm taking the day off on Monday too so my mom and I can send my brother off to the airport for his semester abroad in Santiago, Chile!

2. I ordered this dress (only $60!) this week and I can not wait for it to arrive. I think it would look so cool with these shoes (under $50).

3. This week I shared a new favorite playlist! I'd love to know what your current favorite song is.

Red Dress + Current Playlist

Happy Monday! This weekend I ventured up to Madison to get the last of my things out of my apartment before I move into my new one next Friday. I went to Madison with my brother since he'd never been on Madison's campus before and wanted to see it before he goes abroad this semester. My brother has always had the best taste in music, in my opinion, and played songs the whole way there and back that I was completely loving. He has had a radio show on his campus's radio station since his freshman year, and now that he's going to be a senior, he's the manager of the whole station. He's much more into rap, jazz, and hip hop than I am, but I loved the songs he was playing in the car.

My New Customized Stationery

Having worked in a custom paper store since I was 16, stationery is something near and dear to my heart. I truly get such a flutter out of designing and experiencing beautiful stationery, so when Basic Invite reached out to me about sampling some of their products, I immediately fell in love with their options and wanted to give them a try. 

Coffee Table Books

Whenever I'm bored or in need of a little inspiration, nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than flipping through a gorgeous coffee table book and drooling over all of the pages. As I prepare to move into my apartment in a few weeks, I've been finding myself peeking at a ton of coffee table books lately to personalize our new space and add a pretty element of decor. What is your favorite coffee table book? Shop below!

This Week's Top 10

1. Friday! This week went by fast, but the days themselves felt long. It's like just Monday was just here, and at the same time, yesterday dragged on forever. For the first time in a couple of weeks I'm heading into Friday feeling like, for the most part, I had a "good" week. I worked out every morning before my internship, ate a little healthier, did some photoshoots for the blog, posted on here a few times... it felt good! How was your week?

2. Speaking of blog posts, here's what went on around here if you missed it:

3. Currently reading Modern Lovers by Emma Straub, and I'm having a hard time getting into it. I picked it up because it had amazing reviews, but I'm really struggling to keep going. If you've read it, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Palm Beach Wish List

After sharing Monday's post on What to do in Paris, I immediately got even more excited for my birthday trip to Palm Beach coming up next month. I've been to Florida three times, the most recent being Miami last year for spring break with my BFF Caroline. I'm excited to visit Palm Beach though because I've never been, and a city filled with pink details and palm trees is just right up my alley.

Outfit Roundup from Insta Stories (Vol. II)

Hi everyone! Today I am back with volume two of outfit roundups from Insta stories. I shared the first edition of this post about a month ago which you can find here, and I got some positive feedback so I thought I would do another. Just to note, a lot of the pieces pictured below are linked to something similar. A lot of what I'm wearing are pieces from previous seasons, so they're no longer available or online. I usually try to link to the same retailer that the product is, but to a piece that is currently available. Enjoy!

What To Do in Paris

I miss Paris. This entire summer I've had extreme wanderlust, particularly for Paris and Martha's Vineyard, and I can not make the desire to travel go away! I think this is in part because it's the first summer of my life I'm not heading out to the East Coast, and I miss it more than I can describe! There really isn't any reason why I'm not going, I just never got around to planning anything earlier and now it's a little too late. I am going to Palm Beach at the end of August for my golden birthday (20!) with my dad, but until then... a girl can dream, and plan her next trip to Paris ;)

This Week's Top 10

1. I don't know about you, but going back to work yesterday after having Wednesday off for the Fourth was a challenge! I'm babysitting all day today but then I'm excited to have a more low-key weekend. I went to Madison last night to get the rest of my things out of my apartment, but we couldn't fit as much as expected and will probably need to make another trip soon. Safe to say, this past week has been a tiring one.

2. Earlier this week I shared the top five things I've done this summer as well as my June favorites round-up. On the Fourth I also shared some of the best sales (and my picks from each!), most of which are still going on!

3. I ordered this swimsuit a few weeks ago and it's my new favorite! I think the cut is so flattering and I love the bright color. It's on major sale right now + available in most sizes in five colors, so go snag it! I also got the matching bottoms. I also just discovered this brand and love this smocked bikini top!

Fourth of July Sales

Happy Fourth of July! I did a lot of shopping in June, and given that I only have a job during the summer months I think it's best I start saving my money now rather than keep spending it. That said, I plan to live vicariously through all of you this Fourth of July while some of the following sales are going on! They're good ones, so if you're in the mood to shop, what are you waiting for?!

Top 5 Things I've Done This Summer

I always get into a habit every summer of thinking I'm not doing anything when in reality, I have. I thought it would be fun to share my top five favorite things that I've done this summer to give you all a little inspiration if you're looking for something to do with friends that's both fun and summer bucket list-worthy. With Fourth of July tomorrow, I am getting close to the halfway point of my summer and wanted to do sort of a halfway, broader summer recap!

June Favorites

Hellooooo and happy July! June went by quickly as expected, but I had a really fun month between visiting Minnesota for the first time, taking a spontaneous trip to Chicago with my best friends, blogging and Instagramming a lot more, and overall staying busy with my internship and even babysitting a little at the end of the month. Fun fact: I published more blog posts last month than I have in one month since November 2016! Here are some of my favorites from June: