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Boden Shoes

I instagrammed this picture a few weeks ago when the Boden catalog arrived in my mailbox. I hadn't shopped Boden in a few years and I was shocked at all of the cute things I was loving. Most of all, however, I love their shoe collection. I rounded up my favorites below, but I swear I want almost every pair! Seriously, who knew?!

Shop all Boden shoes here. What do you think of them? Please tell me I'm not the only one in love!

How Do I Wear That? Poncho Edition

After spotting this Heidi Merrick poncho on Pinterest and noticing similar styles in local stores and shops, I've come to the realization that the "drug rug" look has been trimmed and tailored into a chic "poncho" type jacket, and I'm kind of obsessed. This easy sweatshirt is comfortable, stylish, versatile, and not to mention, it gives off insanely chill vibes. Don't think you can pull it off? You definitely can.


poncho // shorts // bangle // bracelet // iPhone case // sandals

Oh, and you can snag this look for under $30, too, right here. A few more as well...

What do you think of the new trend? Some are calling in "stoner chic", which literally is kind of true, but I don't condone the usage of drugs, so I think that's a little extreme for a striped hoodie :) Because this look is so street style meets beach cover-up, it really can be dressed so many different ways. Biking to the beach? Throw it on to combat the wind! Going to a bonfire? Toss this over your top for when it gets chilly later. I think it's a little funky and out there, but I'm sure I would get so much use out of this funny little hoodie / poncho.

This Week's Top 10

1. In honor of finally being in France (!!!), it's only fitting that this is one of my favorite Instagram accounts.

2. Cara Delevingne... in a movie.... Um, this is kind of amazing. See the trailer for Paper Towns here!

3. I run the Undeniable Pinterest account. Are you following?

4. Fun fact: I love Kate Moss. (I feel like I've mentioned this before?) She's graced over 30 Vogue covers... See them all here!

5. I ordered this skirt a few days ago and I'm excited to open it up when I return from vacation.

6. Next Sunday is Easter! Need dessert ideas?

7. These pajama leggings are my life. I never take them off, I swear. Oh, and they're under $20!

8. 70's style is coming back.

9. I love the tassel trend, and I think these bracelets are beyond cute.

10. I desperately want to try a new mascara! What do you reccommend?


Off to France

I'm almost in disbelief that I'm actually leaving for France today at one. When I was seven years old my parents told me I could go to France when I was 16 and I've been waiting for this day ever since. It's kind of a nice coincidence that my school has this exchange program because it made making the trip possible that much easier! I will be gone for 17 days, with the first 13 spent with my exchange student and her family, attending school and just living French life, and then the last four I'll be in Paris!

Today is going to be incredibly long. Like I said, I leave at 1 for a 5:45 PM flight out of Chicago. I fly to Paris and will arrive at 8ish AM (1:45ish here), and then I have to drive 5 hours to Limoges! Please wish me luck that I won't get too jetlagged.

I've scheduled a ton of posts while I'm gone, so hopefully things won't be too quiet around here. Make sure you're following along on Instagram and Twitter to catch the latest!

Wish me luck!

7 Swimsuits for Spring Break

I'm leaving for France tomorrow, but I would be lying if I said a part of me didn't wish I was spending spring break at a resort somewhere sunny and clad with palm trees. Being gone for 17 days in weather not much better than home doesn't tickle my fancy as much as a pina colada and pool chair does, but I'm not complaining about France :)

I'm going to live vicariously through the Instagram's and Snapchat stories of everyone soaking up sun for the next week or so, so I felt it was only appropriate to combat my jealousy by sharing some really cute swimsuits for anyone who still has a little time to shop before break (or anyone who just loves a new suit as much as I do #guilty).

spring break swimwear

ruffle // striped bow // geometric (reversible! shop the top here) // scalloped


PS- See more spring break wear here!

3 Easy Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

The warm and sunny weather we've been having lately has done wonders to motivation on all fields. Mostly, however, I've been more inspired to blog (have you noticed?!) and to be healthy. Because I gave up chocolate for Lent and I've done a pretty good job of sticking to it, I've been eating less sweets and sugary foods, which has actually left me feeling more motivated in itself too. However, I know that cutting back on favorite foods can be challenging, so today I'm sharing super easy ways to incorporate a little fitness or healthy energy into your everyday life.

1. Wall sit while brushing your teeth | People brush their teeth anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, so why not spend that time wisely! Wall sitting for even just a few seconds is great for your glutes and quads and can really strengthen you over time if you do it twice a day!

2. Drink water first thing in the morning and last thing at night | I know it's super hard for some people to motivate themselves to drink water, but just downing a glass first thing when you wake up and then another right before bed is a great way to boost your metabolism for the day and again before you go to sleep. 

3. Start each day with a healthy breakfast | It's a proven fact that people who start their day on a healthy note will continue to make healthier choices throughout the rest of the day. Breakfast is the most important meal, so skipping it is terrible for your metabolism. Fruit salad, whole wheat toast, scrambled eggs, there are so many choices!

I hope I left you feeling inspired!

Splurge vs. Save: Tie-Dye Shorts

tie dye shorts

I love the faded adire pattern at J. Crew. I think this t-shirt especially is so cute for layering and casual lounging around. However, the problem I constantly face with J. Crew is that if you love something, chances are a million other people do too, and you're going to wind up matching everyone and their mother the minute you step out your door to go somewhere.

Tie-dye has been trending recently and I was wandering through Forever 21 the other day (guilty pleasure...) when I passed these shorts. I honestly think they're so funny and cute. Like, they're not something I would expect to pick out for myself, but they're cute, I think! I'm imagining them styled with Jack's and flowy tee's or tanks during the summer.

So... Splurge with the J. Crew pair, $60, or score a fabulous deal with these Forever 21 shorts, $12.

This Week's Top 10

1. Less than a week until I'm in France! The above shot of the Musée Rodin in Paris is gorgeous.

2. Loved reading these classic "preppy" lessons from the 80's. 

3. This shirt arrived in the mail earlier this week and I've barely taken it off. I think it's the comfiest thing I own!

4. Spring is here, which means you'll be seeing lots of flowers outside and hopefully around your house! It's never too late to learn proper techniques for arranging a bouquet.

5. This article has me itching to host a spa party... Kind of a throwback to my fourth grade birthday party, but who's keeping tabs?!

6. Did you see this post? I think Julia styled her statement clutch fabulously here!

7. Picked out my first ever pair of glasses this week! Can you guess the designer?!

8. For anyone heading somewhere warm for spring break, you need this bikini.

9.  These healthy salad ideas sound amazing.

10. Mackenzie's post has me so excited for my trip to London this summer!

Happy weekend! What are your plans? I'll be busy tying up all my loose ends before heading to France on Thursday! Last minutes suggestions / recommendations are more than welcome :)

My Nightstand Essentials

I'm starting to finally get the hang of redecorating and I've been so excited about sharing all of the up-close shots of the little nooks and crannies of my room (see jewelry/vanity storage here)! Plus, I always like adding a little original photography on the blog, so I figured this is a fun way to do so!

I spend a lot of time in my bed, as I hope most of you do too, so I'm really aware of what I know I'll need besides me at all times! Remembering to drink water isn't usually a problem for me, but remembering to eat my vegetables is! I like to keep a healthy and yummy juice (like this one from Trader Joe's) on my nightstand to fill me up when I'm thirsty! I drink a ton of water during the day, so I don't need really anymore on my nightstand.

I also like to have the essentials for before bed. After all, it is my nightstand! I like to apply lotion and lip balm and pop in my retainer before I fall asleep, so I keep my little essentials like that on my table. Rosebud salve is like God's grace in a little tin and this Kiehl's lotion seriously smells like heaven, which is an extra bonus for relaxing me before bed. Of course, it never hurts to throw together a stack of coffee table books for a little extra decor and personal touch.

What are your nightstand essentials?

Spring Break Outfits for any Destination

Spring break is quickly approaching for me, and it's already here for some of you, I'm sure! Whether you're heading somewhere warm (jealous!), traveling abroad (that's me!), or just enjoying some relaxing days off, I've got you covered with some packing- or lounging- inspiration.
beach getaway

Days on the beach or by the pool should be spent in style! A chic cover-up is necessary for transport from room to water, and a classic tote to carry your towel, sunnies, SPF, and a little spritz to keep you smelling fresh is a must. PS- how cute is that suit?!
excursion abroad

Traveling the world requires style on point, but also incredible comfort. Opt for an easy outfit that's simple yet chic, with comfy shoes and a leather backpack to easily carry around your things without the hassle of a purse. Don't forget to accessorize!
staycation adventure

earrings // t-shirt // scarf // bag // sneakers // skirt

Staycations don't have to mean endless move marathons and wishing you were somewhere sunny! You have time off- take advantage and explore your city... try out a new restaurant, wander through museums or cool buildings, and feel fabulous while sporting a cute outfit!

What are your spring break plans? I'd love to hear!

Get That Look: Statement Clutch

This shot from some style genius out there in the world has been my life ever since I saw it and pinned it. Statement clutches are fabulous, and this outfit is basically my dream look for these warm months to come. I recreated the look right here:


blouse // shorts // sunglasses // clutch // bracelet // flats

I'm absolutely obsessed with these flats. I'm not sure if I can pull them off / how much wear I would get out of them, but they sure do seem to go well with a fun clutch and an all-white ensemble. The clutch in the original picture is perfection- pink and orange and aztec all over, what more could one want?! Unfortunately, I couldn't track down the source, but you can shop other fun clutches here:

What do you think of the accessory? I love how it adds a POC (pop of color) to a simple white outfit like above, and a fun touch to spice up any casual look. 

PS- Happy St. Patrick's Day!

7 Street Style Queens

Paris Fashion Week has come and gone, but the street style pics will last forever. And the queens of the shows were not just the models walking down the runway! From bloggers to fashion editors, to actresses and models, there are a million and one street style queens I had never discovered until devouring Vogue for the last few nights. Introducing...

Who: Viviana Volpicella // What: Assistant Fashion Editor of Vogue, Japan

Who: Maria Duenas Jacobs // What: Accessories Editor of Glamour Magazine

Who: Anna DelloRusso // What: Editor-at-Large and Creative Consultant for Vogue, Japan

Who: Giovanna Battaglia // What: Editor of L'Uomo Vogue (Men's Italian Vogue) and contributing fashion editor to W magazine

Who: Helena Bordon // What: Brazilian socialite and fashion blogger

Who: Hanneli Mustaparta // What: Stylist, photographer, former model, and fashion blogger

Who: Caroline Sieber // What: Stylist and Chanel Ambassador

I'm enamored with every single ensemble in this whole post! The bright color combos, amazing handbags and clutches as accessories to already amazing looks, and the beyond fabulous shoes and jewels form the most genius, gorgeous, seemingly effortless outfits, aka street style

From this list, my favorite street style queen has got to be Hanneli or Giovanna! Comment below and tell me, who's yours?

Tuckernuck Sale // Sales This Weekend

Tuckernuck is having an amazing sale right now where they're offering an extra 20% off sale items with code "SPRINGFORWARD". You can shop the whole sale right here, but be sure to hurry because a lot of items are selling out really fast! Above, I rounded up my favorites from what's still in stock, but sizes/colors are limited so hurry, hurry, hurry! Tuckernuck rarely has sales, thus why this one is such a big deal; it officially ends on Monday so happy weekend shopping!

Other sales going on this weekend...

J. Crew: 25% off select styles // Code: SALELOVE
J. Crew Factory: 30% off everything // Code: HEYSPRING
GAP: 30% off your entire purchase // Code: SPRING
Club Monaco20% off $200+, 25% off $300+, 30% off $500+ // Code: GETNOW
Kate Spade Saturday: 40% off everything // Code: EXTRA40

Happy shopping!

This Week's Top 10

1. Killer street style at Paris Fashion Week shared here... I have a weakness for looks as unique and vibrant as these.

2. Dying to try this recipe; it incorporates my three favorite things all in one (hummus, avocado, and quesadilla, duh).

3. This dress you'll want to wear all summer long is under $100. Plus, shop everything I'm loving right here!

4. Are you an avid oversleeper? Check out these easy tips to look alive in under 60 seconds.

5. I'm thinking I'll need a versatile, easy scarf for France... Thoughts on this as an option?

6. Liz's outfits have been so on point lately. I adore this look!

7. GAP's new arrivals are super simplistic and chill. I just ordered this top and this tee, but I'm loving this dress too!

8. I've been pinning a lot more lately, are you following me on Pinterest?

9. This is my favorite tinted moisturizer, it's an amazing transition for winter to spring makeup because it's light but still covers everything up in a natural-looking way. I 100% recommend it.

10. Trying to discover your personal style? Here's your one-stop guide to defining you!

Happy weekend!

My Everyday Jewels + Storage

watch // bangle // necklace (similar) // dish

daisy perfume // kate spade twirl // jewelry box (sold out, similar)

macaron candles (old urban outfitters; similar here)

I love reading room tours or apartment tours, even if they only showcase little nooks and crannies like this one here in my vanity. I have a little bit of an aficion for interior design, so I love seeing people's style channeled through their decor. I think decor is a fabulous summation of what one truly loves as an accumulation of their style. I mean, you have to look at your house every day so you should probably decorate it in a way that you love! 

In addition, everyday baubles say a lot about someone too. Timeless pieces day in and day out that don't get old are important to people! Everyday I wear my pearls, two rings, and I rotate between a few necklaces. I wear my watch, which was a 16th birthday present, almost everyday, but I've been meaning to take it to the jeweler to take out one of links because it's too big. My favorite thing about my everyday jewelry is that it's classic, but it's very Fran. My pearls are 12mm studs, so they're huge and I love them like that! It's my statement, I think. Lol, they make even a sweaty workout ensemble look like I tried ;)

What jewels do you wear everyday?