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Spring Break Outfits for any Destination

Spring break is quickly approaching for me, and it's already here for some of you, I'm sure! Whether you're heading somewhere warm (jealous!), traveling abroad (that's me!), or just enjoying some relaxing days off, I've got you covered with some packing- or lounging- inspiration.
beach getaway

Days on the beach or by the pool should be spent in style! A chic cover-up is necessary for transport from room to water, and a classic tote to carry your towel, sunnies, SPF, and a little spritz to keep you smelling fresh is a must. PS- how cute is that suit?!
excursion abroad

Traveling the world requires style on point, but also incredible comfort. Opt for an easy outfit that's simple yet chic, with comfy shoes and a leather backpack to easily carry around your things without the hassle of a purse. Don't forget to accessorize!
staycation adventure

earrings // t-shirt // scarf // bag // sneakers // skirt

Staycations don't have to mean endless move marathons and wishing you were somewhere sunny! You have time off- take advantage and explore your city... try out a new restaurant, wander through museums or cool buildings, and feel fabulous while sporting a cute outfit!

What are your spring break plans? I'd love to hear!


  1. I'm definitely stay-cationing this year, I'll be working on assignments for finals, but I hope you have a great time abroad!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. I love all three of these outfits!
    I'm headed cross-country for a Yosemite/San-Fran excursion and already have oodles of outfits planned in my head...most are pretty similar to your "abroad" outfit.
    Love these options!


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