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This Week's Top 10

1. Killer street style at Paris Fashion Week shared here... I have a weakness for looks as unique and vibrant as these.

2. Dying to try this recipe; it incorporates my three favorite things all in one (hummus, avocado, and quesadilla, duh).

3. This dress you'll want to wear all summer long is under $100. Plus, shop everything I'm loving right here!

4. Are you an avid oversleeper? Check out these easy tips to look alive in under 60 seconds.

5. I'm thinking I'll need a versatile, easy scarf for France... Thoughts on this as an option?

6. Liz's outfits have been so on point lately. I adore this look!

7. GAP's new arrivals are super simplistic and chill. I just ordered this top and this tee, but I'm loving this dress too!

8. I've been pinning a lot more lately, are you following me on Pinterest?

9. This is my favorite tinted moisturizer, it's an amazing transition for winter to spring makeup because it's light but still covers everything up in a natural-looking way. I 100% recommend it.

10. Trying to discover your personal style? Here's your one-stop guide to defining you!

Happy weekend!


  1. Happy weekend! I enjoyed those links, especially the tips to help you find your personal style. My favorite: trust your instincts and be authentic!

    Ohio Stripes

  2. Love these links! (and especially that gap top!)

    - Kirstin


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