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My Everyday Jewels + Storage

watch // bangle // necklace (similar) // dish

daisy perfume // kate spade twirl // jewelry box (sold out, similar)

macaron candles (old urban outfitters; similar here)

I love reading room tours or apartment tours, even if they only showcase little nooks and crannies like this one here in my vanity. I have a little bit of an aficion for interior design, so I love seeing people's style channeled through their decor. I think decor is a fabulous summation of what one truly loves as an accumulation of their style. I mean, you have to look at your house every day so you should probably decorate it in a way that you love! 

In addition, everyday baubles say a lot about someone too. Timeless pieces day in and day out that don't get old are important to people! Everyday I wear my pearls, two rings, and I rotate between a few necklaces. I wear my watch, which was a 16th birthday present, almost everyday, but I've been meaning to take it to the jeweler to take out one of links because it's too big. My favorite thing about my everyday jewelry is that it's classic, but it's very Fran. My pearls are 12mm studs, so they're huge and I love them like that! It's my statement, I think. Lol, they make even a sweaty workout ensemble look like I tried ;)

What jewels do you wear everyday?


  1. I LOVE getting a sneak peek into people's interiors - ps glad to see the striped bangle made an appearance ;)

  2. I'm with you, people's jewelry says so much about them! Everyday I wear my open-heart necklace, pearls, engagement ring, and an assorted stack of bracelets. (My first three staples are all gifts from my fiance') I love how you store all of your baubles!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  3. I love classic jewelry too. I wear my pearls and monogram necklace everyday! If I leave the house without them on I feel like something is missing from me, haha! I'm looking for a new watch and I love the one you have! I love looking at other peoples interiors too, it gives me new ideas on what I can do for my room!
    Alyson |

  4. I always lose my pearl earrings so I've been meaning to pick up a new pair but I agree. Everyday jewelry almost becomes your trademark, if you will. I feel incomplete if I'm not sporting my claddagh ring or my class ring. Also, your vanity, from what we can see, is adorable.

  5. It seems that each jewelry you wear has deep significance and memories to you. Your choices of jewelry, and how you match them show how elegant you are as a person. I agree that pearl earrings are really good to wear everyday, because they suit all kinds of outfit. In any way, thanks for sharing that, Fran! Stay gorgeous!

    Verna Ford @ Jacobs The Jewellers


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