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Fall Playlist

I've been listening to music lately more than I usually do... maybe it's because I've been going on more jogs or simply because I press play on my iPhone when I'm just sitting at my desk, which isn't something I usually do. Or... maybe it's because I've finally found a good mix of songs that I love!

I've finally caught onto the trend and I am obsessed with Lorde! Team is probably my favorite song by her, with Tennis Court a close second. It's so weird to think she is basically my age, yet so talented! On another hand, Riptide is my favorite song on here. You must listen to it if you haven't yet!


PS- No school today! Wahoo!


At my school there is a Halloween dance for only freshman and sophomores. It's considered to be one of the best dances because it's not the whole school (although Spring Fling is only for sophomores... can't wait!) and you wear a costume and have a ton of fun! The dance is tonight and I'm so excited about my costume! I decided to be a 50's person because I retweeted something about loving the 50s a few weeks ago and also because I have a poodle skirt from fourth grade that still fits (haha it was really big back then!). I'm going to wear it with a little silk neck scarf, a white tee, and converse to complete the look!  

It's hard to believe that yet another month has flown by and Halloween will be here in just a few days! Speaking of, I am hosting a Halloween party tomorrow with one of my friends- can't wait to share more about that soon!

Here are a few pictures to get you into the mindset of my costume tonight...

What are you going to be for halloween?


The leaves have fallen but the temperatures have not! I love wearing my converse and I couldn't resist stealing this top when I shot outfit posts with cYa the other day!

Camera Suggestions

For Christmas I am asking for a DSLR camera. I think I've decided on the Nikon D3100 for its quality and perfect price. Please let me know if you have this camera or what you would suggest!

PS- How darling is that lady in her white fur in the first picture?!

Help Needed!

Happy Monday! I don't have schoool today and I'm spending my time writing an essay (ugh...) and searching high and low for a Chippendale-type chair without the steep price tag... Please help a girl out and let me know if you have any suggestions of where to look!


Rainy Days

It's been raining a lot lately and I've loved that I've gotten so many chances to wear my Hunters! Happy fall!


Remember how I posted last year about the Frenchies? Well, they are here again (they actually got here last week Thursday) and they are just as fabulous as always! There are two things I have noticed that they all have down perfectly to a T, and that is (besides their style, hair, makeup, etc.) their ability to style short booties and leather bags. I mean, every single one of them must wear a pair of ankle booties and don a leather bag every day, and oh my gosh is it something to swoon over!

In honor of the frenchies, I have rounded up a few of my favorite bags that I would love to own before I head to France next spring!


Which is your favorite?

Lindsay Souza's Home

The Glitter Guide does their fair share of home tours of fabulous bloggers and my oh my do I love them, but Lindsay Souza (of The Pursuit Of Style) definitely takes the cake in my book... Oh my gosh, just take a look for yourself...

Seriously beyond perfect! When can I move in?


As field hockey comes to a close, I want to make sure I still am getting enough exercise every day. I am doing three sports this year, and with Ski training starting in just a few months, I will only need a short-term exercise plan to keep up with.

As far as exercising, I will probably start doing a daily jog for a few miles, and a good mix of ab, arm, and leg workouts like crunches, planks, push-ups, and squats. Also, I am hoping to go to the gym more to keep up with strength training as well. As for eating though, I want to try being healthier and maybe start cutting out the cookies or chips I have for lunch. I feel like that would be such an easy thing to do that would make a huge difference!

Any suggestions?

PS- Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

Giveaway: York Design Co.

Remember {this post}? I'm back again with York Design Co. to offer a lucky reader any cuff of their choice! The giveaway will run for one week, until next Thursday. There are lots of entry options!

Best of luck!

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Collab Part 3: Riding Boots + Quilted Vest

I decided to wear both my riding boots and quilted outerwear to present the third and fourth part of my collab with Gracey. See how she styled riding boots {here} and a quilted jacket {here}. I had so much fun with this collab! Let me know what you thought of it!

Put Some New Shoes On...

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I sure did because on Saturday I went shopping!!! I know that probably isn't too much to get excited about, but I don't go shopping that often (surprise, surprise!) and I snagged a few things that I had been on the hunt for...

I reeeally wanted a pair of ankle booties, and I actually bought two pairs. But, when I got home I decided that I didn't need both and the other pair had too tall of a heel for me too wear them on an everyday basis. I stuck with these and I really like them! According to eJm they look like potatoes in this picture, but I promise they are cute!!

Remember {this post}? I picked up a pair of the original Chuck Taylor Converse this weekend and I'm probably going to break them out for school tomorrow... Aren't they cool? Not gonna lie, I feel cool when I wear them, haha!

I got these Sperry's that I had been wanting for my birthday, but I don't think I ever announced them. They are great school shoes and they surprisingly match with a lot! I wear them mostly to school and I love them!


Mary Kate Steinmiller

If you follow me on twitter, you know that yesterday I got to sit down and have lunch with Mary Kate Steinmiller, the Senior Fashion Market Editor for Teen Vogue. Mary Kate went to my high school and was the alumni of the year, so she gave a presentation in front of the whole school, and then after, a few art and journalism classes (including mine!) got to have lunch with her!

Her job is so fun, as she gets to style for different shoots and edit the fashion parts of the magazine. Her style is impeccable too...

Isn't she too cute? I had a blast talking to her and I hope to someday follow in her footsteps!!


I love the month of October. October is my favorite. I absolutely love fall (my favorite season), and I feel like October is just that one month that just screams chilly weather and... pumpkins!!!

I saw this list on Glitter Guide and I thought it was too precious not to share... I couldn't agree more with everything, except for maybe 3 and 4 ;)

As Anne of Green Gables said, I'm so happy I live in a world where there are Octobers.