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Fall Playlist

I've been listening to music lately more than I usually do... maybe it's because I've been going on more jogs or simply because I press play on my iPhone when I'm just sitting at my desk, which isn't something I usually do. Or... maybe it's because I've finally found a good mix of songs that I love!

I've finally caught onto the trend and I am obsessed with Lorde! Team is probably my favorite song by her, with Tennis Court a close second. It's so weird to think she is basically my age, yet so talented! On another hand, Riptide is my favorite song on here. You must listen to it if you haven't yet!


PS- No school today! Wahoo!


  1. Ahh I have become obsessed with Lorde too! My favorite song of her's that's been on repeat for the past few weeks is Tennis Courts, but I just listened to Team and I may have found a new favorite!!


  2. Lorde is basically my homegirl! I love almost every single song that she has! Sara Bareilles is pretty awesome too!


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