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Remember how I posted last year about the Frenchies? Well, they are here again (they actually got here last week Thursday) and they are just as fabulous as always! There are two things I have noticed that they all have down perfectly to a T, and that is (besides their style, hair, makeup, etc.) their ability to style short booties and leather bags. I mean, every single one of them must wear a pair of ankle booties and don a leather bag every day, and oh my gosh is it something to swoon over!

In honor of the frenchies, I have rounded up a few of my favorite bags that I would love to own before I head to France next spring!


Which is your favorite?


  1. Love the bags! The Tuckerneck once reminds me so much of the Celine bags that make my heart swoon. I am in love with those bags.

    ~ Caroline

  2. OMG I had a frenchie shadow me once and she had the most fabulous leather bag. What is it with people from France and amazing clothing?!


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