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Splurge vs. Save // Target vs. J.Crew Sandals

So last week I was having the biggest struggle of my life trying to pick out an outfit for the Rebecca Minkoff event, and so my mom decided to take me to Target to see if we could find anything (besides, who doesn't love a trip to Target!).

I ended up purchasing a few things, including the shoes that I ended up wearing to the event. Oh. My. Gosh. I am OBSESSED with them!!!

To me, they look like a mix of the J. Crew Mari sandals and the J. Crew Lillian wedges.

Merona Edda Wedges

(I promise the color is a lot better in person- it's actually almost identical to the Lillian's!)

Now, if you average together the price of the J. Crew sandals, you would pay $208. The Target sandal/wedge however, is only $23!! Isn't that just a wonderful deal? I'm so so so happy with them and they are so comfortable as well!

Have you scored any deals lately?

PS- {These} Target espadrilles look identical to {this} J. Crew pair

Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday

Inspired by NYC; the epitome of chic.

Oui ou non?

I'm Off!

Eep! I'm so excited to be leaving on vacation today!!! I will arrive in NYC at 6:15, and then I am attending three (yes, three) events this evening!! I am going to an event for The Glossy Bar at the James Hotel, and then I am going to the Rebecca Minkoff event! After that I am going to some ice cream party sponsored by Clearasil! It's sure to be a fun evening (and a fun trip!) and I cannot wait!

Did I ever mention my whole time in NYC will be spent on the Upper East Side? So. Excited.

Have a great week!

"Pin It" Button

Hey everyone! I just finished up experimenting with HTML and I'm super proud of myself for figuring out how to add the Pin-It button to all my images on this blog. The {tutorial} was super easy to follow, and if you try it on your blog, please let me know! I also substituted the original image with {this} image (I used the size in the middle on the side) in case anyone wants to try out a little preppier version of the button. I also am a fan of {this} button and {these} buttons as well (also in blue {here})! (Just a side note- you can change the colors of the buttons by adjusting the color in the box that says "Custom HEX Color" in the top right corner)

What do you think?

Guest Post From Signe

Hello Blonde Prep Readers!

I'm Signe from a Classy State of Grace and am super excited to be guest posting for Frannie!

Today I'm going to show you all how to make some fab buttered noodles! Personally, I LOVE buttered noodles and I'm pretty sure Frannie does too. It sounds kind of stupid, like "Whaaat ummm all you do is put butter on them.." but nooo! There is MUCH more to it! 

I started making my buttered noodles like this a while ago based off the ones they have at Noodle's and it really just gives them that professional restaurant touch if you know what I mean!


- Some noodles
- Butter
- Olive oil
- Minced, dried, or powdered garlic
- Salt
- Italian or pasta seasoning
- Parmesan cheese

First, get the noodles and put them in a bowl. The ingredients don't really have measurements because people can be really particular about how much of garlic, olive oil, etc they want. So, using your own judgment, add some butter and drizzle on olive oil. Then, put a pinch of salt and whatever kind of garlic you're using on and mix. Heat the noodles for about 30 seconds in the microwave. When they're done, add the seasoning and parmesan cheese on top. 

And you're all done! Enjoy!

I find this to be the perfect snack or quick dinner because it's delicious, simple, and easy to make!

Do you like buttered noodles? 

Birthday Party Invites

Hey everyone! I'm super excited because this year I am having a preppy luncheon for my birthday party and I am inviting around 20 girls! I am so proud of myself because I really like designing, and I love the way that my invites turned out!

(I whited out my address and mom's email just for personal safety!)

I'm in love with them! I have had a little addiction to Caitlin McGauley illustrations for the past few years so I thought they would make a wonderful addition to my invites! We will not be eating sushi, however, but I could only find so many food pictures ;)

The text color is actually a little brighter, but for some reason whenever I upload pictures with text, it always gets a little distorted.

What do you think?

Sunday Swoon: The Lilly "Glin" Top

So the other day I was just doing my typical FaceTime with lJm and she asked me to help her pick out a print for the Lilly phone case she wants. While on the site, I somehow fell upon the Glin top and I am obsessed.

The Glin top is a classic tee-shirt with a twist. It's got the cutest little tie on the bottom right and I couldn't love it more. Out of the four patterns available, I only like one, but it also comes in solid colors.

Isn't it so cute in "Get Nauti"?! Ahh I love it!

What do you think? What are you swooning over?

The Bucket Hat

So I kind of lied.. I didn't actually get jBm a crossbody for her birthday, ha! That was the original plan, but once I got to the mall, popped into Brooks Brothers, saw this fabulous hat, I new there was really no other option for her gift.

Ahh, isn't it perfect? It's actually reversible (the other side is a darker base) and it just recently went on sale (like, super recently, it wasn't on sale when I got it last week!) so I suggest you all go pick it up, now.

I think it is going to look so perfect on jBm when she is touring Spain or enjoying a gondola ride in Italy if it happens to rain.

What do you think?

PS: I hope you all had a fabulous first day of summer / national wear your Lilly day yesterday!!

Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday

Such a fun and easy summer outfit...

What have you been wearing lately?

Closet Must-Adds

Today jBm leaves for Europe. I'm jealous, but at the same time I don't wish I was going either.

Europe is a place that I've dreamed about going to for the longest time. My grampa takes us (the grandkids) when we are 16, so my brother and my cousin are both going this summer in July. This means I won't be going next summer, but the summer after because I turn 16 on the last day of summer next year. I'm extremely excited for jBm and my brother, and I can't wait to hear about their trips once they come back.


On a different note, in honor of my style post Thursdays, today I wanted to talk about things that I really feel should be in my closet. I have been having too many "I have nothing to wear" moments in the past month or so, that shopping for some more key pieces is really not an option; it must be done.

When shopping for key pieces, I tend to turn to J. Crew for their classic styles and plethora of colors (and optional monograms... ha!). In fact, when shopping in general, J. Crew is my go-to store, but what else is new?

Here are my must-adds...

closet must-addsEverything on this list is J. Crew except for the flats! 

You are all probably a little scared to see this list because everything is pretty much a basic, and I totally understand that. My closet is simply depressing.

Here is the list:
  • Navy Cardigan (Mine is a little small and not a classic style)
  • Loose grey tank top
  • Navy/White stripe tee (Mine isn't very nice)
  • Navy skirt
  • White shorts (cYa must have asked me if I had white shorts about a million times over the weekend; J. Crew didn't have them in my size when I went shopping!)
  • Pink sweater
  • Navy/White stripe dress (I had one from crewcuts but grew out of it)
  • White v-neck (sad, I know)
  • Classic tan flats (ahh, those reva's!!!)

Anything I'm missing? What's on your must add list?

Rebecca Minkoff Denim Event

When I arrive to NYC on Wednesday night I will be scurrying off to my aunt's apartment, dropping off my bags, and heading out to the Rebecca Minkoff event that she so kindly invited me to attend! I simply can't wait, but I am extremely nervous as there may be some very important people there and I have no idea what to wear!

Here's the outfit I am dreaming of wearing if only I owned it...

dreaming of

What would you wear to this event? It's probably going to be semi-casual because it is a denim event, but all ideas are welcomed!!!



For jBm's birthday, lJm and I pitched in and got her a classic tan crossbody bag for her trip to Europe in a few days. After purchasing it for her, I realized just how much I wanted to invest in a nice bag for myself! 

Naturally, I fell in love with two options from Tory Burch.

and The Amanda

The Robinson is a little too polished for everyday use, but I definitely like it a whole lot better.

Do you have a classic tan cross body? From where? Please do share!!

Current Wishlist

I make wishlists sort of a lot... Last time I made one {see HERE} I actually managed to purchase half of it, and I couldn't have been happier. Also, I purchased one of my Sunday Swoons from a few weeks ago that you can see {HERE}.

I makes wishlists so often that it's unpractical that I'm going to purchase all {or any} of the products, but a girl can still dream, right?

current wishlist

I'm so in love with everything on my new wishlist. I rarely order products offline, but because I'm going to New York soon I'm hoping to purchase at least one thing on here! I know I won't be getting those Jack's soon because I already have a pair, nor that J. Crew shirt until it goes on sale ;)

Also, I don't even know if those sunnies will look good on me, and those Tory Burch flats are something that I'm asking for for my birthday. As for the bangles, those are probably something I'll buy just as a random summer purchase!

What are you lusting over?

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, everyone! I hope you all are enjoying some nice weather outside and possibly a barbecue this afternoon!

My dad and I are like little bff's especially because he loves shopping almost as much as me ;)

Love ya, dad!


Blog Instagram

After a few weeks of debate, I decided that there were lots of pictures I wanted to be sharing via Instagram, but I just didn't feel obligated to do so on my personal account.

I started my blog Instagram with the hopes of sharing more OOTD's, fashion, and blog-type pictures that I wasn't really posting anymore on my personal Instagram!

Without further adieu, please follow me on Instagram @theblondeprep!



So I really want a new pair of sunglasses... I'm hoping that sunnies are going to be my "big purchase" when I'm in New York because my current pair are vintage Vaurnet's from my dad and he keeps stealing them back... I also have the classic Ray-Bans, but they are just so-so. That said, I really just need my own pair.

I'm kinda liking the whole aviator thing. I was eating lunch outside a few weeks ago at school and I was wearing my friends Ray-Ban aviators to keep the sun out of my eyes. I got a few comments saying that they look cute on me, but I think I would still like to try on some other pairs... Here are two that I'm liking:

I think both of these pairs are super cute (and good deals!), but I am definitely the kind of person who has to try on sunglasses before making a purchase.

What sunnies do you have? Please share!

Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday

So... I'm kinda obsessed with this outfit. How perfect is that tee-necklace combo? And how perfect are those sandals? That skirt just ties the whole look together too.

I tried on that necklace in the store a few days ago and I was so surprised that it's only $60. Seriously, it's perfect and I might have to buy it once it goes on sale... along with that tee.

What do you think? Happy Friday!

Styling The Whale Sweater

Hey everyone! So as you know, I just recently purchase the J. Crew Tippi Whale Sweater! I have been at a bit of a loss as to what to wear it with, but I think I have solved all my problems after doing a little trial and error. Here's what I've come up with..

This is how I was planning on wearing the sweater all along: white jeans, jacks, and a longchamp! I think this is so cute and would be fabulous for heading out for dinner! (It would also look cute if you substituted the pants for shorts!)

E suggested I try the sweater with my pink shorts and I love how they look with the sweater! The outfit is so bright and fun and the gold accessories really add the perfect touch!

And here's just a random outfit in case you are a professional with a schnazzy job and happen to love the sweater as well! Ha!

How would you wear the sweater?

PS- The sweater is not on sale online, but it is marked down to $50 with an extra 30% off in stores!

J. Crew Sale Picks

J. Crew is having yet another one of their fabulous 30% off sale sales right now, and I'm wishing I could pick up a few things! I'm saving all my money for NYC, and I just made a J. Crew purchase earlier in the week, so all I can do now is just browse.. But as for the rest of you, have fun shopping!!!

Here is what I would pick up...

Every time I go into J. Crew I lust over this blazer in the sale rack. Ahh, isn't it perfect?!

I think this is super cute and casual and it would look perfect with sandals and J. Crew chino shorts!

Not going to lie, I'm obsessed with this bikini top. It's only $20 after the code right now and I so wish I could get it! (A few other colors are only $14 after the code!!!)

What are you lusting over from the sale?

Good as Gold

So... I've been in J. Crew three times in the past week and there are two shirts that I keep admiring. Coincidentally, they are both gold!!

good as gold

These tee shirts are both pretty inexpensive, but I know once they go on sale that the deal will really be worth it (plus, I'm not trying to buy anything until New York in two weeks!).

I'm so in love with how the color gold really makes these otherwise simple shirts stand out.

What do you think of the color?

Summer Pajamas

Is it just me, or are pajamas a super popular blog topic? Let's hope it's not just me ;)

I have two pairs of pajamas that I rotate in the warmer months. The first pair is Lilly! I got these about two summers ago for $40 at TJ Maxx and I'm absolutely obsessed with them! They are super lightweight and they are seriously the cutest.

They are these, except for mine have the opposite colors! Mine are teal with a hot pink bottom!

My other pair of lightweight pajamas are from J. Crew! I got these for Christmas and they are the perfect weight. I can wear them whether its 95 or 5 degrees out and I will still be comfortable.

Two of my other picks that I would purchase in a heartbeat if I wanted more pajamas are...

What are your summer pajamas?

The "Boyfriend" Look

On my Pinterest lately I have been seeing a lot of laid-back outfits and use of "boyfriend" type pieces that somehow create such a chic look. Here's what I mean...

I'm noticing a lot of neutrals like white, navy, and grey. Also, I'm noticing a lot of sneaks, loose tops, and stripes.

Here are a few of my picks for key pieces in this type of wardrobe...

The Boyfriend Look

Ahhh... so simple yet so impeccably chic!

What do you think of the boyfriend look?

Sunday Swoon

Warm Weather.

It's been chilly here for the last week or so, and I'm dying for the heat. It's not summer yet until I hit the pool!

What are you swooning over? How's the weather near you?

Saturday Happenings

Hey everyone! I just wanted to do a quick update on my day yesterday and my day today thus far!

Yesterday I went on a picnic with cYa and E! We had tons of fun and you can see lots of pictures and videos via Vine and Instagram!

After our picnic we hit up the J. Crew sale (and the rest of the mall...) where I picked up the sweater I have been lusting over...

It was on sale for $50, plus with the extra 25% off, I scored it for only $37.50! I actually had just enough money, and only a dollar to spare when I walked out of the store!

Fortunately, I had a babysitting job last night that reimbursed me, but while I was babysitting, my shorts ripped. I was wearing my brand new navy J. Crew chino's and I don't think they can be fixed...

This was only my second time wearing them {this being the first time} and the way that the ripped was so weird. We were playing on the swingset in their backyard and the girl I was babysitting for did a flip on the bar and she was like, "Can you do one?" and I said sure, because I didn't think it was that big of a deal and I've done it before... So then I flipped and I landed and sure enough, my shorts were ripped. The rip is right below the zipper and it sort of forms a triangular hole. Ugh.

On a more positive note, I had {this} for breakfast

My mom made this recipe form Pinterest a few days ago and it is so delish!! She also made {this} last week for dessert...

I'm not sure how I'm going to spend my day today, but hopefully it will be fun!

What's new with you?

Summer Salad

I've been trying really hard to eat less/healthier for the summer. One thing that I have found is that when made correctly, salad can be really good!!

At my local grocery store you can purchase a huge, super delicious salad for about $4. The salad is totally worth the price, but it's kind of a rip-off when you can just make it yourself. This is the salad from the grocery store...

It is seriously so good. (It's even called the "Very Berry" salad!) 

It has in it...

Spring Mix
Raspberry Vinaigrette
Goat Cheese

So, I decided to recreate my own!

I used Marie's Raspberry Vinaigrette for the dressing!


So. Good.

What's your favorite healthy summer snack/meal?

Outlet Mall Purchases

Hey y'all! Happy June!! I finished up school on Friday afternoon and headed to a party that night which was so much fun! The girl who was hosting it ordered homemade marshmallows from California for s'mores that came in all different flavors and they were easily some of the best things I have ever tasted. (The toasted coconut and lemon meringue were my favorites!)

Today until Thursday I have field hockey from 9-3. I am so excited!!

Yesterday I had such a fun day shopping with my dad! There is a fabulous outlet mall about 45 minutes away from my house and it is always such a treat when I get to go! A few of my favorite stores include... J. Crew Factory, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, and Juicy Couture. The nice thing about the outlet mall is that every store is having amazing deals every day. I snagged a few pieces that I am so excited about and helped cure my wardrobe blues ;)

First, from GAP I picked up a pair of gold leather flip-flops (similar). I got rid of my gold sandals at the beginning of the season and these were such a cute deal ($12!) to compensate the loss!

Next, from J. Crew I picked up two pairs of shorts and a tee-shirt! I finally got the chino's in pink and navy, but the store didn't have the white in my size. I'm so excited to finally cross them off of my list! Also, I am so excited about this tee-shirt (I know exactly how I will style it!). My dad and I saw it and we just new it would be absolutely perfect for my trip to New England this summer!

Finally, from Ralph Lauren I picked up three pieces that I have been wanting for-ev-er! (Not to mention, everything I picked up was such a deal!) I've been dying for a new oxford since March, and I knew when I saw this one (similar) that it was perfect. It fits me so dang well and it's easily the comfiest shirt I own! Also, I was in need of a new bathing suit and I absolutely love the one I chose! Plus, when something is marked from $115 to $55, you know you sort of have to get it ;). Lastly, I picked up a navy polo dress which will surely get lots of use this summer!

Have you shopped recently?