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The "Boyfriend" Look

On my Pinterest lately I have been seeing a lot of laid-back outfits and use of "boyfriend" type pieces that somehow create such a chic look. Here's what I mean...

I'm noticing a lot of neutrals like white, navy, and grey. Also, I'm noticing a lot of sneaks, loose tops, and stripes.

Here are a few of my picks for key pieces in this type of wardrobe...

The Boyfriend Look

Ahhh... so simple yet so impeccably chic!

What do you think of the boyfriend look?


  1. I've become obsessed with boyfriends t shirts lately (I may or may not have bought one in every colour I could find in the shop :P)! I may have to dig out my boyfriend jeans too - the outfit you created it just too cute!

  2. I love the boyfriend look! But I wouldn't necessarily consider those pieces in the "boyfriend" category?... maybe that's just me


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