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For jBm's birthday, lJm and I pitched in and got her a classic tan crossbody bag for her trip to Europe in a few days. After purchasing it for her, I realized just how much I wanted to invest in a nice bag for myself! 

Naturally, I fell in love with two options from Tory Burch.

and The Amanda

The Robinson is a little too polished for everyday use, but I definitely like it a whole lot better.

Do you have a classic tan cross body? From where? Please do share!!


  1. I have 2 actually! I have a nice one from Coach, which is actually pretty old. My mom bought it for me as a middle school graduation present... Hahaha and I also have a cheaper more casual one from Target! I brought the Target one to Europe with me because I was afraid of damaging the Coach one. I love how versatile and cute the color tan looks with everything :)


  2. Those are both so cute Fran! My friend actually has the Tory Burch Amanda, but in more of a bright aqua color. At DSW they have some really cute ones that are not too overly priced as well. And check out Marshalls because they always have amazing deals.

    xoxo, Katelyn

  3. Coach has some really cute ones!

  4. I bought a teal Tory Burch crossbody when I was in NYC and I love it!

    Caroline @

  5. Oh my gracious, I ADORE the Robinson!


  6. I love both of the bags! Tan bags are great for traveling!

    Sloane // Sailing the Sea of Style

  7. I actually really love the Robinson, I don't mind the polished look for every day wear!



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