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Closet Must-Adds

Today jBm leaves for Europe. I'm jealous, but at the same time I don't wish I was going either.

Europe is a place that I've dreamed about going to for the longest time. My grampa takes us (the grandkids) when we are 16, so my brother and my cousin are both going this summer in July. This means I won't be going next summer, but the summer after because I turn 16 on the last day of summer next year. I'm extremely excited for jBm and my brother, and I can't wait to hear about their trips once they come back.


On a different note, in honor of my style post Thursdays, today I wanted to talk about things that I really feel should be in my closet. I have been having too many "I have nothing to wear" moments in the past month or so, that shopping for some more key pieces is really not an option; it must be done.

When shopping for key pieces, I tend to turn to J. Crew for their classic styles and plethora of colors (and optional monograms... ha!). In fact, when shopping in general, J. Crew is my go-to store, but what else is new?

Here are my must-adds...

closet must-addsEverything on this list is J. Crew except for the flats! 

You are all probably a little scared to see this list because everything is pretty much a basic, and I totally understand that. My closet is simply depressing.

Here is the list:
  • Navy Cardigan (Mine is a little small and not a classic style)
  • Loose grey tank top
  • Navy/White stripe tee (Mine isn't very nice)
  • Navy skirt
  • White shorts (cYa must have asked me if I had white shorts about a million times over the weekend; J. Crew didn't have them in my size when I went shopping!)
  • Pink sweater
  • Navy/White stripe dress (I had one from crewcuts but grew out of it)
  • White v-neck (sad, I know)
  • Classic tan flats (ahh, those reva's!!!)

Anything I'm missing? What's on your must add list?

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