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Current Wishlist

I make wishlists sort of a lot... Last time I made one {see HERE} I actually managed to purchase half of it, and I couldn't have been happier. Also, I purchased one of my Sunday Swoons from a few weeks ago that you can see {HERE}.

I makes wishlists so often that it's unpractical that I'm going to purchase all {or any} of the products, but a girl can still dream, right?

current wishlist

I'm so in love with everything on my new wishlist. I rarely order products offline, but because I'm going to New York soon I'm hoping to purchase at least one thing on here! I know I won't be getting those Jack's soon because I already have a pair, nor that J. Crew shirt until it goes on sale ;)

Also, I don't even know if those sunnies will look good on me, and those Tory Burch flats are something that I'm asking for for my birthday. As for the bangles, those are probably something I'll buy just as a random summer purchase!

What are you lusting over?


  1. We make wishlists all the time, too (and we'd love to have the items on yours!)

    - Lindsey & Amanda

  2. I have the pink monogrammed Jack's and am obsessed! I kind of wish I'd gotten the navy, because they're more versatile!

    Caroline @


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