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Outlet Mall Purchases

Hey y'all! Happy June!! I finished up school on Friday afternoon and headed to a party that night which was so much fun! The girl who was hosting it ordered homemade marshmallows from California for s'mores that came in all different flavors and they were easily some of the best things I have ever tasted. (The toasted coconut and lemon meringue were my favorites!)

Today until Thursday I have field hockey from 9-3. I am so excited!!

Yesterday I had such a fun day shopping with my dad! There is a fabulous outlet mall about 45 minutes away from my house and it is always such a treat when I get to go! A few of my favorite stores include... J. Crew Factory, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, and Juicy Couture. The nice thing about the outlet mall is that every store is having amazing deals every day. I snagged a few pieces that I am so excited about and helped cure my wardrobe blues ;)

First, from GAP I picked up a pair of gold leather flip-flops (similar). I got rid of my gold sandals at the beginning of the season and these were such a cute deal ($12!) to compensate the loss!

Next, from J. Crew I picked up two pairs of shorts and a tee-shirt! I finally got the chino's in pink and navy, but the store didn't have the white in my size. I'm so excited to finally cross them off of my list! Also, I am so excited about this tee-shirt (I know exactly how I will style it!). My dad and I saw it and we just new it would be absolutely perfect for my trip to New England this summer!

Finally, from Ralph Lauren I picked up three pieces that I have been wanting for-ev-er! (Not to mention, everything I picked up was such a deal!) I've been dying for a new oxford since March, and I knew when I saw this one (similar) that it was perfect. It fits me so dang well and it's easily the comfiest shirt I own! Also, I was in need of a new bathing suit and I absolutely love the one I chose! Plus, when something is marked from $115 to $55, you know you sort of have to get it ;). Lastly, I picked up a navy polo dress which will surely get lots of use this summer!

Have you shopped recently?


  1. I love all your finds but that lobster tee and RL swimsuit are just too adorable! Happy summer! :)

  2. I have that lobster shirt in sweater form


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