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The Bucket Hat

So I kind of lied.. I didn't actually get jBm a crossbody for her birthday, ha! That was the original plan, but once I got to the mall, popped into Brooks Brothers, saw this fabulous hat, I new there was really no other option for her gift.

Ahh, isn't it perfect? It's actually reversible (the other side is a darker base) and it just recently went on sale (like, super recently, it wasn't on sale when I got it last week!) so I suggest you all go pick it up, now.

I think it is going to look so perfect on jBm when she is touring Spain or enjoying a gondola ride in Italy if it happens to rain.

What do you think?

PS: I hope you all had a fabulous first day of summer / national wear your Lilly day yesterday!!

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  1. That hat is too cute! Love it!



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