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Freshman Year

I honestly can not believe my freshman year of high school is already over! It went by super fast and I have made a ton of memories since last August. 

Field Hockey

One of the first mixers


Homecoming #2 (All of the group pictures from that night were really bad)

Freshman Service Day

cGr's birthday party

Mother Daughter (I can't find the pictures of me and my mom!)

Freshman Retreat

Father Daughter (I can't find the pictures of me with my dad!)

lJm's impromptu birthday party one day when school was cancelled because of water problems

The softball sleepover

eJm's birthday party

The Masquerade

I am probably missing so many events and parties and dances, but this is a general recap of my past school year!

How was your year?

One More Day!


The Perfect Shirtdress

It seems that everyone has been hunting for their ideal shirtdress as of late... My pick? The Lilly Captiva Tunic!

How cute is that pattern, too?


I have my final exams for the next three days and to say I'm not looking forward to it is the understatement of the century. (Ok, who really looks forward to exams anyways?)

I had a half day of school on Friday and no school yesterday, obviously, so that gave me a solid three and a half days to study and well... I sort of studied for a few hours on Friday and Sunday and Monday, but thats about it. I didn't study at all on Saturday and on Sunday I played croquet and saw The Great Gatsby (fabulous btw) with JPS and E. And then E slept over so I didn't exactly start studying until noon yesterday and then I just kept getting really distracted and now I just feel so not prepared.

Tomorrow I have my biology exam and then my theology exam. Biology will be hard I guess, but I'm usually pretty good with sitting down and just trying to learn Biology material. Theology, on the other hand, shouldn't be too bad. My teacher tells us exactly what will be on the exam and all you have to do is study it and know it and you will do just fine! Unless of course you fail one of her super weird essay questions... ugh.

Thursday I have my English exam and my French exam. I am honestly dreading them both. And to make matters worse, they are both in the same room back to back so I don't get to move around. I really struggle with English for some reason and French is always just a little confusing for me because there are just so many dang things you have to know!

Finally, on Friday I have my world history exam and my math exam. I'm happy that these exams are together because I know I have to study a lot for history and not too too much for math. Also, I know I will be super excited for summer come Friday, so it's good that an exam that I don't need a really super fabulous grade on is last!

When are your exams? Wish me luck!

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial day, y'all! My day will consist of lots and lots of studying, as I have exams in just two short days! On the bright side, in five days I will be kicking off my shoes and enjoying summer!

A few of my favorite red, white, and blue objets pour aujourd'hui!

{The perfect dessert}

J.Crew Rope stripe sailor short

How are you celebrating memorial day?

Summer Wants

I have come to a sad realization... I have no cute clothes. I have enough clothes in my closet to bend the bar and enough clothes in my dresser to barely shut the drawers, but honestly, I have no cute clothes.

Here are some pieces I'm really itching to add to my wardrobe...

{J. Crew Chino's in pink, white and navy.} I have several pairs of J. Crew chino's, but for some bizarre reason, I don't have them in the three most essential colors!

{Joie Nice Sandal // Tory Burch Reva's // Woven Sperry's} So I'm in the process of convincing my dad to buy me these sandals. Aren't they perfect? They come in a plethora of colors, but I decided I like the mint best. It's a fresh choice compared to pink, white, or coral! Also, I've been dying for Reva's for forreeevvvverrr! I think I am going to ask for them for my birthday! Lastly, I'm kind of lusting over new Sperry's. Woven, anyone?

These items would make a solid base in my closet and hopefully help me not despise the dreadful pieces I already have...

What are your summer wants?

Jojo Loves You Bling Sale

An adorable jewelry site, Jojo Loves You, asked me to share with y'all a great sale that they are having for Memorial Day this weekend!



I have never done a playlist on here before, but lately I've been going on some jogs and I find myself repeating a few of my favorites tunes!

Summer Playlist

I'm addicted to every single one of these songs. I Love It and Anything Could (typo above!) Happen are the only two on here that are actually sort of popular right now (love them!), but the rest I would classify as oldies... maybe not Long Hot Summer or Best Days of Your Life though, those are just old, ha! Come On Eileen... I can't not move when I hear this song! Valerie is an all-time fave of mine and mWs's, and Dancing In The Moonlight is my personal favorite song to listen to during summer evening jogs (oh, the memories)!

So... I don't have a super typical sense of music. I love country and I love oldies, but I also love pop...

What are your favorite songs?


The masquerade on Saturday was so much fun. The host is Muslim so it was an all girls party and it was great to see her out of her scarf! She looked absolutely stunning in a peach gown that Halle Berry wore on the red carpet a few years a few years back! Unfortunately, she was not in her scarf so I can not share my picture with her on the internet. But.. here are a few other snaps from the night!

fRt, me, and lJm all got ready at my house before the party.

an up close!

aLm and I!

So... this picture has a lot of significance! jBm is my very best friend (she was getting those darling bangs before the party so she could not join me at my house to get ready) and we have never taken a good picture of just us before. It was actually the #1 thing on her bucket list!!

little cBe and I

lJm and I!

me, lJm, and jBm! (two of my best friends!)


Running Schedule

One of my big goals this summer is to run everyday. I've been trying to do this for the past two years, and every year I say I will, but I never do. Last year I even said, "I am GOING to do it this year!". But... let's be honest.... that never happened...

This year I swear I will. My dad and I went out about two weekends ago and I got this super schnazzy pair of running shoes...

I also made myself a little schedule!! 

Summer this year is going to be really short, considering there are only 11 and a half weeks!! I am going to try my very very hardest to stick to this schedule!

I really would like to do a half marathon at the end of the summer with E, but I would have to follow this schedule in order to reach that goal...

Yikes... I will most likely be following the first schedule, but I will keep y'all posted on my running! For  all I know, this could turn out just like previous years and I will go running maybe twice... ha.

Do you run over the summer? I'm just a beginner so if y'all have any tips they are much appreciated!!!

Favorite Snacks

I am a huge snacker. I eat literally all the time. Lately, with having practice after school everyday, I've enjoyed snacking on yummy yet healthy foods, but not the typical granola bar (although the Nature Valley sweet and salty nut granola bars are amazing!).

I've rounded up a few of my favorite snacks...

favorite snacks

1. Almonds | These have a ton of benefits for your health and I think that they are delish! Even just a handful can keep you surprisingly full!
2. Blueberries | Another super healthy option! I love blueberries and I can honestly eat a whole container of them in 2 minutes... ha.
3. Apples & Peanut Butter | This is hands down my favorite snack ever. I absolutely adore apples and peanut butter. My mom packs me a giant container of them a few times a week and I'm addicted!
4. Braided Pretzel Twists | These things are the bomb. I'm not a big fan of regular pretzels and I have to say that these are just so good.
5. Raspberries | mWs and I have a little inside joke about raspberries, they are our fave! Unfortunately, they are not in season right now, but I eat them a ton in the summer!
6. Cheese and Crackers | Probably the most typical snack... I usually eat havarti, port salut, brie, or colby jack cheese with whatever random crackers we have lying around our house! I like Keebler Toasted's in Buttercrisp, Club crackers as shown above, and tons of others!

I also love red peppers, cucumbers, grapes, and dried fruit!

What do you prefer to snack on?

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's day, y'all! I'm proud to say that my mom is one of the coolest moms around town (ha... Jules...) and one of the funniest people I know!

Love ya, Jules!

Fashion Friday

dinner with friends

Happy Friday!

Ralph Lauren Sneaks

Hey y'all! Sorry for not posting lately- I've been super busy with shoolwork. My grades are not exactly what I would like to be seeing, and with it being fourth quarter and all, I really need to step up my game!

Anywho, my mom and I were shopping on Saturday (more on that soon...!!!) and I just happened to spot the cutest little sneaks. I'm dying to purchase them and I just might considering how cute and inexpensive they are... bonjour, 40 dollars!

Introducing... The Lauren Ralph Lauren "Polly" Sneakers

What do you think of white sneaks? Would you choose them over other colors? Help!

Sunday Swoon: #YellowForGreg

I'm not sure if many of you have heard of #YellowForGreg or not, but this is something that is near and dear to my heart.

Greg Von Rueden is a boy here in Wisconsin who attends my brother's school and is in my grade. Greg has severe bone cancer and many, many sports teams and schools all over the country and especially here in Wisconsin have gone yellow for Greg. 

{carmel lacrosse team}

{the one and only JPS}

{my school}

{greg's / JPS's / my brother's school}

{four college sports teams}

and finally...
{greg's brother, greg, and their best friend}

There were so many pictures to choose from, it was hard to just pick a few to share. Please take a moment to like Yellow For Greg on Facebook HERE and please keep him in your prayers.

My brother is good friends with Greg's brother, as they play on the same sports team. Today is the 5K walk/run for Greg at 4PM and I am proud to say that my family is attending along with 1,400 other people. I am also spending my day from 7AM-2PM volunteering at an MS walk downtown. 

I suppose you could say I am "swooning" over Greg today. Isn't he wonderful?