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Freshman Year

I honestly can not believe my freshman year of high school is already over! It went by super fast and I have made a ton of memories since last August. 

Field Hockey

One of the first mixers


Homecoming #2 (All of the group pictures from that night were really bad)

Freshman Service Day

cGr's birthday party

Mother Daughter (I can't find the pictures of me and my mom!)

Freshman Retreat

Father Daughter (I can't find the pictures of me with my dad!)

lJm's impromptu birthday party one day when school was cancelled because of water problems

The softball sleepover

eJm's birthday party

The Masquerade

I am probably missing so many events and parties and dances, but this is a general recap of my past school year!

How was your year?

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  1. My year was great! But I'm really going to miss my friends(we're going to be seperated at the middle schools) but I am so happy summer is finally here!



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