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The masquerade on Saturday was so much fun. The host is Muslim so it was an all girls party and it was great to see her out of her scarf! She looked absolutely stunning in a peach gown that Halle Berry wore on the red carpet a few years a few years back! Unfortunately, she was not in her scarf so I can not share my picture with her on the internet. But.. here are a few other snaps from the night!

fRt, me, and lJm all got ready at my house before the party.

an up close!

aLm and I!

So... this picture has a lot of significance! jBm is my very best friend (she was getting those darling bangs before the party so she could not join me at my house to get ready) and we have never taken a good picture of just us before. It was actually the #1 thing on her bucket list!!

little cBe and I

lJm and I!

me, lJm, and jBm! (two of my best friends!)


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  1. What a fun idea for a party, looks like you had a wonderful time. I love your dress!



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