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Running Schedule

One of my big goals this summer is to run everyday. I've been trying to do this for the past two years, and every year I say I will, but I never do. Last year I even said, "I am GOING to do it this year!". But... let's be honest.... that never happened...

This year I swear I will. My dad and I went out about two weekends ago and I got this super schnazzy pair of running shoes...

I also made myself a little schedule!! 

Summer this year is going to be really short, considering there are only 11 and a half weeks!! I am going to try my very very hardest to stick to this schedule!

I really would like to do a half marathon at the end of the summer with E, but I would have to follow this schedule in order to reach that goal...

Yikes... I will most likely be following the first schedule, but I will keep y'all posted on my running! For  all I know, this could turn out just like previous years and I will go running maybe twice... ha.

Do you run over the summer? I'm just a beginner so if y'all have any tips they are much appreciated!!!


  1. I always say every year that I will start running but I think I actually will definitely start this summer, I was looking at schedules the other day and everything #progress :P - thanks for the motivation! :)

  2. I don't run too often over the summer, but I'm definitely going to need to get into that. If you want any tips, join the tweet chat #getfitchat at 9pm EST!

  3. I am on the varsity cross country team at my high school, and I would definitely say my #1 tip, for a newer runner is... build up to longer distances/amounts of time, because you don't want to start off too intense and just tire yourself out. It was definitely a good idea to create a calendar/layout to organize your workouts/time/etc.!


    1. Var XC buds!!! <3<3<3 you are my new favorite person ;)

    2. Yessss! The feeling is mutual.. .Hahaha! :)

  4. You go girl! I find that I cannot stick to strict schedules (ehem especially for workout goals...) so I make a goal for the week and slowly work up to it. Good luck sista!

  5. I just got those tennis shoes!! I love them!!


  6. GO FRAN! I'm planning on that half marathon this summer!!!


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