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I have never done a playlist on here before, but lately I've been going on some jogs and I find myself repeating a few of my favorites tunes!

Summer Playlist

I'm addicted to every single one of these songs. I Love It and Anything Could (typo above!) Happen are the only two on here that are actually sort of popular right now (love them!), but the rest I would classify as oldies... maybe not Long Hot Summer or Best Days of Your Life though, those are just old, ha! Come On Eileen... I can't not move when I hear this song! Valerie is an all-time fave of mine and mWs's, and Dancing In The Moonlight is my personal favorite song to listen to during summer evening jogs (oh, the memories)!

So... I don't have a super typical sense of music. I love country and I love oldies, but I also love pop...

What are your favorite songs?


  1. icona pop's i love it is one of my jams!! when it comes on the radio, you can bet i crank up the volume ;)

  2. I have been loving "I Love It" too! It's so upbeat and great for summer!



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