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Summer Wants

I have come to a sad realization... I have no cute clothes. I have enough clothes in my closet to bend the bar and enough clothes in my dresser to barely shut the drawers, but honestly, I have no cute clothes.

Here are some pieces I'm really itching to add to my wardrobe...

{J. Crew Chino's in pink, white and navy.} I have several pairs of J. Crew chino's, but for some bizarre reason, I don't have them in the three most essential colors!

{Joie Nice Sandal // Tory Burch Reva's // Woven Sperry's} So I'm in the process of convincing my dad to buy me these sandals. Aren't they perfect? They come in a plethora of colors, but I decided I like the mint best. It's a fresh choice compared to pink, white, or coral! Also, I've been dying for Reva's for forreeevvvverrr! I think I am going to ask for them for my birthday! Lastly, I'm kind of lusting over new Sperry's. Woven, anyone?

These items would make a solid base in my closet and hopefully help me not despise the dreadful pieces I already have...

What are your summer wants?


  1. I have those 3 pairs of shorts and wear them constantly. They are a fabulous investment!

  2. I have the J. Crew chino shorts in pink and absolutely love them!


  3. I also have the J. Crew shorts in pink along with other colors! I wear them with v necks I have bought from J. Crew. I am in the same boat with you though. I need something to spice up my wardrobe!


  4. Love those woven sperry's! I believe they came in blue as well which is a lovely contrast!


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