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I have my final exams for the next three days and to say I'm not looking forward to it is the understatement of the century. (Ok, who really looks forward to exams anyways?)

I had a half day of school on Friday and no school yesterday, obviously, so that gave me a solid three and a half days to study and well... I sort of studied for a few hours on Friday and Sunday and Monday, but thats about it. I didn't study at all on Saturday and on Sunday I played croquet and saw The Great Gatsby (fabulous btw) with JPS and E. And then E slept over so I didn't exactly start studying until noon yesterday and then I just kept getting really distracted and now I just feel so not prepared.

Tomorrow I have my biology exam and then my theology exam. Biology will be hard I guess, but I'm usually pretty good with sitting down and just trying to learn Biology material. Theology, on the other hand, shouldn't be too bad. My teacher tells us exactly what will be on the exam and all you have to do is study it and know it and you will do just fine! Unless of course you fail one of her super weird essay questions... ugh.

Thursday I have my English exam and my French exam. I am honestly dreading them both. And to make matters worse, they are both in the same room back to back so I don't get to move around. I really struggle with English for some reason and French is always just a little confusing for me because there are just so many dang things you have to know!

Finally, on Friday I have my world history exam and my math exam. I'm happy that these exams are together because I know I have to study a lot for history and not too too much for math. Also, I know I will be super excited for summer come Friday, so it's good that an exam that I don't need a really super fabulous grade on is last!

When are your exams? Wish me luck!


  1. My exams are in a week, Monday Tuesday Wednesday of next week. I'm looking forward to summer, but not to these exams. Let's just say I'll be pulling a few all nighters before the end of the school year. You're lucky you only have a few days left.

  2. I hate exam week - it's so stressful! Good luck! I'm sure you will do great :)

  3. My first day of exams doesn't start until June 14th! You're lucky to get out so early! But good luck with everything :)

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