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I mentioned the Father-Daughter dance on the 19th, when it occurred, and I had so much fun! eJm and I got a little bored and ended up exploring the hotel (it was wonderful... it's the nicest hotel in the whole city!) and taking a few outfit pictures- BTW, if you haven't noticed, outfit posts are my new Thursday thing :) - sorry they are such bad quality... iPhone problems!

eJm was voted best dressed in her SVDW-esque attire

Sorry for my awkwardness.....

The dining room

Dessert! That is not ice cream- it is creme tort with a funky (but FABULOUS) raspberry sauce! (And it was DELICIOUS!)

If you follow me on Instagram or are Facebook friends with me, you've seen this one!


Wish-List Wednesday

Heyyyy chicaaaa's! Happy Wednesday! I am so happy because although I have school today, I have no classes! It is Catholic schools week and on Monday a bunch of my friends did Locks of Love- so fun!

Here is what I'm wishin for this week :)

This swimsuit- LOVE

Classy Book Club

Hey everyone! Courtesy of my dear friend Mollie, new blogger behind {The Classy Club}, I have fallen in love with the idea of reading how-to's and high society books. After reading {this post} of her's, I immediately made a list of 16 books that I need to read. I managed to choose just a few, and today I will share with you all some of the books that I can't wait to get my hands on!

This book is not number one on my list for no reason. I am in LOVE with Paris; the idea, the feel, the place itself, the shopping, the people, and the fashion. Paris is more than just a place I want to travel to in two years (I CAN'T WAIT!), it is a state of mind that I want to be in and get to know and understand. 

2. Tiffany's Table Manners
Well techinically this book is called Tiffany's Table Manners For Teenagers, but I didn't want you all to think I was a mannerless fool, so I left that part out. Anyway, how CUTE is this book? I think everyone can brush up on their etiquette from time to time and how would you rather do so than from learning by Tiffany & Co?!

3. The Gospel According To Coco Chanel
This book just seems so fabulous. It is basically all of Chanel's advice on everything in life from fashion to success, and also channel's everyone's inner Coco by teaching us so much about "the world's most elegant woman". Swoon.

Some of the other books on my list include The Little Dictionary of Fashion, How To Be A Hepburn In A Hilton World, and Style by Kate Spade.

What are some of your favorite books like these?
(And let me know if you have a name for "books like these"!)

Smart Girls Group

As most of you know, I am a blogger over at The Smart Girls Group. I have talked about the wonderful community on here multiple times, but I really wanted to dedicate another (see here) whole post to it because of a recent opportunity that they offered me.

The Smart Girl's Group began last January by a lovely friend of mine, Emily Raleigh  I am proud to say that I have been working with the group since the beginning and I have loved every minute of watching it grow.

In the beginning, SGG was just just an online community with an inspiring and encouraging magazine. I remember sitting down in the summer the day the first magazine launched and reading every single page word by word. I think about a week later I had already reread the magazine about five times and decided I had to get involved- I am so happy I did! (Read the whole story of the SGG here!)

I am now a blogger for the Loop (their blog) and recently I was given an astounding opportunity! A spot was opened up in the coming issue of the magazine and I could not be more thrilled to have my own page! The best part? I am interviewing a girl from the Yale soccer team, who's name is also Frannie (coincidentally!)!! I am so so so excited and thankful and grateful in every single way! The Smart Girls Group truly is such a wonderful thing and I definitely recommend you all check it out!

So much hard work has gone into the process of making every issue, every blog post, and every opportunity that the community has to offer! If you are 18 or older (I think that's how it works...) you can also apply to be an intern!

What do you think of The Smart Girl's Group?

Fashion Friday!

Accessorizing with fun pink shoes, earrings, and coin purse
Happy Friday!

For Chic Sake

I recently fell in love with For Chic Sake and I simply can not get enough! Basically, For Chic Sake is a blog but with a side of free monogram printables, and a shop! Does that not sound divine?

Today I am going to talk about their printables and how to print them (because the process is a little tricky at first)!

In order to print something from For Chic Sake, you have to download the PDF reader. This is super easy and takes less then 10 seconds. You can do that here!

Some of the printables include plain monogrammed sheets, iPhone charger wraps, and acrylic tray inserts. If you ever want to monogram something that they don't offer, you can download their fonts (!!!) here! This is also takes about 10 seconds to download, and the fonts are not required to be able to print a printable.

Anyways, moving on from downloading the programs to print the printables, let's talk about actually printing them! The For Chic Sake printables page only shows a few of their many printable options, but their Scribd page, which is where you actually find the PDF's to download, has many more options! (See them all here)

Some of my favorite options are the summer notecards, which you can print onto cardstock for adorable stationary, the pink monogrammed sheet, the navy and pink quatrefoil sheet, and the January chevron calendar!

Because you have already downloaded the PDF reader, you simply click "download or print" (in orange) on the right side of the PDF preview and voila! It opens up as a PDF! To customize your monogram you delete the three letters already there, and type in yours; the font will stay the same even if you never downloaded the free fonts! For the January calendar, it comes in blue, green, orange, and two shades of pink, and you can either print all or only one! (I chose the light pink!)

Overall, For Chic Sake printables are super cute and easy to download! I hope this post made sense!!

Have you tried out any of the printables?

PS- Mollie inspired me {here} to custom make my own stationary (I still think hers is cuter)! What do you think?

I also made this one using her template! Which do you like better? Initials or monogram?

Little Orange Dress

I recently spotted the most fabulous dresses and knew I just had to have it! Unfortunately, it was sold out in the color of my choice, but I still styled it a few different ways for entertainment purposes.

Introducing: The L.O.D. or Little Orange Dress!

This dress is extremely versatile and adorable! Here is how I would wear it...

Out and About!
Little Orange Dress #3

Off To Work! (If I worked..)
Little Orange Dress #2

Night On The Town!
Little Orange Dress

What do you think of the Little Orange Dress?

Ski Attire

Hey everyone! Today I am going to eJm's ski race (she is basically a professional... she goes to the Junior Olympics every year!) and I am hoping to see a few other friends there as well, it being a slalom race where there are many schools. I am not skiing because I made the commitment to field hockey on Sundays opposed to ski team, so today I am skipping field hockey and heading up to watch her race!

Skiing, obviously, in Wisconsin, requires lots of layers to keep warm. Here is what I would wear if I owned everything...

Ski Race Attire
(Puffy coat, warm leggings, warm sweater, long-sleeve tee, bean boots, scarf, cashmere socks)

And here is what I am actually going to wear :)

Ski Race Attire!
(Puffy coat, warm leggings, cashmere sweater, RL cable-knit, RL angora socks, hat & gloves, Hunters)

I really like both outfits! I think I will be warmer in my outfit wearing both a cashmere and a cable-knit, but the other sweater is cute, too!

What would you were to a ski race?

FDD Dress!!

Hey everyone! I got back from my Freshman Retreat yesterday and I have to say it was a most-wonderful experience! I feel so refreshed and I definitely had a great time! Anywho, tonight is the annual Father-Daughter Dinner Dance, and I am so excited to share my dress with you all!

My dress is from Ann Taylor and is a lovely bright coral shift! It reminds me of the Lilly Somerset Dress, but fancier because it is made of nicer fabric. Originally, this dress was $148, but it was marked down to $100 and the whole store was 50% off when I went, making it a steal for only $50!! I am in LOVE with this dress!!

It is called the "Crinkle Crepe 3/4 Ruffle Sleeve Dress" and says the color is called "American Red", but that is totally inaccurate because in person it has a lot of orange in it.

Without further ado.....
Here it is!

And this is me wearing it... haha, please ignore my face! We went shopping after field hockey and I was a makeup-free mess!

Oh and for shoes I got simple patent-leather nude Bandolino's!

What do you think?

Fashion Friday!

Fashion Friday
Happy Friday! xoxo

Wish-List Wednesday

Hey everyone! Today I go back to school for only one day because tomorrow and Friday I have freshman retreat! Without further ado, here is what I'm wishing for this week...

 Is {this dress} not the most perfect LBD you have ever seen?!

{This Lilly Pulitzer rug} is simply adorable! Although it wouldn't really match in either my room or my bathroom, a girl can still dream, right?!

How cute does {this book} look? I definitely want to order it ASAP! 

What are you wishing for?

I'm Back + Transitioning: Winter to Spring

Hey everyone!! I am finally back blogging after my first set of exams ever! To be completely honest, exam week was kind of exciting for me. I felt totally unorganized and lacking in every aspect of my life and I think exams really helped me get done what needed to get done and buckle down and focus. {Read my Smart Girl's Group Blog Post about that HERE!} Also, having a half day four days in a row and then having four days off after that (yes, I don't go back until tomorrow!), and then going back to school for ONE day before going on freshman retreat (17-18) and THEN going to the annual father-daughter dance (19) totally made exams worth it.

I thought about doing a post today about study tips since I just took exams, but only a few people I know have yet to take them and I am SO in the mood to be blogging again, that I decided to do something fun. Did you know I actually haven't blogged since before Christmas?? I sat down one day and just rolled out 17 posts without a care in the world. Like, it was great.

Anyways, today I am going to share with you all some of what I think are key transition pieces from winter to spring! Although we still have a solid 3 months before spring weather, I think we are all in a spring state of mind, am I right? Here are some of the pieces that [if I were a millionaire...] I would be donning between now and the official start of spring:

Transitioning: Winter to Spring

{click the icon to go to the product!}

Silk Tee - This silk tee from J. Crew is beyond fabulous. I have used it in two recent Fashion Friday's {here} and {here}, that is how much I love it. It comes in navy, coral (on sale!), and ivory and I think the simplicity of it makes it perfect for all seasons and all occasions.
Denim Shirt - By now, pretty much everybody and their mother has one of these. I don't know what it is about them, but they are truly great. They go with everything and again, can be both dressed up or down. For winter, you can layer it with sweaters, or for spring, pair it with a cute skirt, shorts, or pants!
Bright Jeans - This orchid pair is simply to-die-for. I LOVE them! I totally think you could wear these with a cable-knit when it's cold or a simple tee-shirt in the spring!
Booties - This Elizabeth & James pair is perfect. I'm obsessed with them. If someone gave me $300, I would solely spend it on a pair of these, without a doubt.
Sunglasses - I am loving the shape of these sunglasses! So unique! Tortoise is my personal favorite thing, so for sunglasses, I would choose nothing else. It can be bright in the winter, and it definitely is bright in the spring, so cute sunglasses are a must!
Longchamp - Ok, do you see this color? It's fantastic! I am sooo in love with how bright and fun it is!!
Lipstick - The YSL lipstick tubes are gorgeous, and how wonderful is this shade of pink for winter and spring?
Bangles - Loving the scallops! Jewelry stacking is still in and this would make a perfect addition to a gold arm party! Also, it's sophisticated enough to stand alone for a little pop of charm on your arm!
Pearls -  For obvious reasons. But a bow can never hurt... :)

What are some transition items your loving?

Guest Post From Katelyn!

Hey guys! My name is Katelyn and I’m an old friend of Frannie’s! I am super excited to create a guest post for her awesome blog. Today I wanted to share with you some of the ultimate spring fashions that I’m extremely looking forward to styling this spring.

To me, spring is the best of the best when it comes to fashion seasons because it incorporates all of my favorite colors: mint, aqua, coral and navy. The trends this year are so cute and I’m loving what I’m seeing in stores. Without further ado, here are some of the trends that I’m seeing in shops lately and what I’m looking forward to rocking this spring!

Bubble Necklaces
Bubble necklaces are extremely popular this spring and I’m loving them. They were first introduced in J. Crew I think last spring/summer, but now have caught on to other jewelers and are much more affordable this way. The one pictured above from J. Crew retails at $150 which is a bit pricey for a statement necklace that I would not wear every day. But, luckily other places have been creating their own knock offs for this adorable necklace. These necklaces are all over Etsy so keep an eye out! I’ve also seen a few of these at Charming Charlie’s that were reasonably priced. These necklaces come in a spectrum of colors and are very cute to spice up a basic outfit.

Pastel/Colored Pants

I’ve loved colored pants ever since they first took trend, and I love that they have stayed in style for so long. Again, this spring colored pants are in! I’m absolutely loving all of these American Eagle pants and I’ve been on the hunt for some coral ones. They have absolutely adorable coral pants from Gap and American Eagle-- double whammy! I’ve also been on the lookout for a cute pair of mint jeans because mint is one of my favorite colors. I’m loving this pair from ModCloth! I will definitely be purchasing some colored jeans for this spring because they are super cute and so versatile. And the color of the pants can brighten anyones day!

Sperry’s and Flats

During the spring and summer I live in Sperry’s because they are the most comfortable and versatile shoes ever. I love the nautical accents on #5 because I’m so into anchors and lighthouses and anything nautical! I am loving coral flats this spring and am really eager to pick up a pair. I really like this pair from American Eagle (#1), but I’m really looking for a patent pair of coral flats. I’m also loving Tory Burch flats, but who really doesn’t! I wish they were a little bit cheaper, just because there are so many pairs that I would love to have. I only have the black ones with the gold symbols, but I don’t think I’ll be wearing my Tory Burch flats too much in the summer, but in the spring I’ll definitely be rocking them with colored jeans and even shorts. I think that flats and Sperry’s this spring/summer season will be the most worn shoes of mine, along with strappy sandals!


I am absolutely loving the 3’’ chino shorts form J. Crew this year. The colors are so bright and fun and I cannot wait to get my hands on them. I am totally loving the blue shorts with the anchors on them. I truly need to buy these because they are! Although $60 is a bit much to be spending on one pair of shorts, they’re worth it. The other 3’’ chino shorts retail at $45, unless on a sale, but I think the shorts are great quality and highly pigmented in their color. I don’t own any chino shorts myself, but my friends do and they absolutely love them. Last year I did snag a pair of coral shorts from Target that were extremely adorable so check out Target this spring for some lower priced colored shorts! American Eagle also is stocked up on colored shorts in two of my favorite colors: aqua and coral! I think that these shorts are really cute with their cutoff look. I’m so pumped to purchase some of these colored shorts for this spring!


This makeup is exactly what I would use in an everyday spring/summer look. I don’t own the Tarte lipstains, but hopefully will purchase them soon. Products #1 and #2 are perfect for an everyday neutral eye. I love using these products to get a simple, yet classic eye look. For summer/spring, neutral eyes are a simple, complete look. The Covergirl colorful palette is fun to use if you want a pop of color. I like to take an eyeliner brush and apply a little bit of the turquoise color on my lower lash line for a subtle, yet bright pop of color. I love the look because it really brings out the blue in my eyes! The Maybelline dream bouncy blush is so much fun to use because it literally bounces! It gives a nice coral flush to my cheeks and I think it gives a romantic feel to the look. The mascara is my favorite: Covergirl LashBlash Volume. I love the mascara because it gives a perfect distribution of mascara to all of my eyelashes, and doesn’t clump to the extreme. Also, it isn’t too dramatic of a look for my eyes. The Tarte lipstains I do not own yet, but I have tried them out before. They give a very natural look and a pop of color. They are extremely moisturizing and give a nice minty feel to your lips. I really like this product and I think I am going to purchase the product in the color Joy which is a peachy coral color--can you tell I like coral?

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment below telling me what you think and what your favorite spring trends are and what you are excited to rock this spring!

xoxo, Katelyn