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I'm Back + Transitioning: Winter to Spring

Hey everyone!! I am finally back blogging after my first set of exams ever! To be completely honest, exam week was kind of exciting for me. I felt totally unorganized and lacking in every aspect of my life and I think exams really helped me get done what needed to get done and buckle down and focus. {Read my Smart Girl's Group Blog Post about that HERE!} Also, having a half day four days in a row and then having four days off after that (yes, I don't go back until tomorrow!), and then going back to school for ONE day before going on freshman retreat (17-18) and THEN going to the annual father-daughter dance (19) totally made exams worth it.

I thought about doing a post today about study tips since I just took exams, but only a few people I know have yet to take them and I am SO in the mood to be blogging again, that I decided to do something fun. Did you know I actually haven't blogged since before Christmas?? I sat down one day and just rolled out 17 posts without a care in the world. Like, it was great.

Anyways, today I am going to share with you all some of what I think are key transition pieces from winter to spring! Although we still have a solid 3 months before spring weather, I think we are all in a spring state of mind, am I right? Here are some of the pieces that [if I were a millionaire...] I would be donning between now and the official start of spring:

Transitioning: Winter to Spring

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Silk Tee - This silk tee from J. Crew is beyond fabulous. I have used it in two recent Fashion Friday's {here} and {here}, that is how much I love it. It comes in navy, coral (on sale!), and ivory and I think the simplicity of it makes it perfect for all seasons and all occasions.
Denim Shirt - By now, pretty much everybody and their mother has one of these. I don't know what it is about them, but they are truly great. They go with everything and again, can be both dressed up or down. For winter, you can layer it with sweaters, or for spring, pair it with a cute skirt, shorts, or pants!
Bright Jeans - This orchid pair is simply to-die-for. I LOVE them! I totally think you could wear these with a cable-knit when it's cold or a simple tee-shirt in the spring!
Booties - This Elizabeth & James pair is perfect. I'm obsessed with them. If someone gave me $300, I would solely spend it on a pair of these, without a doubt.
Sunglasses - I am loving the shape of these sunglasses! So unique! Tortoise is my personal favorite thing, so for sunglasses, I would choose nothing else. It can be bright in the winter, and it definitely is bright in the spring, so cute sunglasses are a must!
Longchamp - Ok, do you see this color? It's fantastic! I am sooo in love with how bright and fun it is!!
Lipstick - The YSL lipstick tubes are gorgeous, and how wonderful is this shade of pink for winter and spring?
Bangles - Loving the scallops! Jewelry stacking is still in and this would make a perfect addition to a gold arm party! Also, it's sophisticated enough to stand alone for a little pop of charm on your arm!
Pearls -  For obvious reasons. But a bow can never hurt... :)

What are some transition items your loving?


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