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Little Orange Dress

I recently spotted the most fabulous dresses and knew I just had to have it! Unfortunately, it was sold out in the color of my choice, but I still styled it a few different ways for entertainment purposes.

Introducing: The L.O.D. or Little Orange Dress!

This dress is extremely versatile and adorable! Here is how I would wear it...

Out and About!
Little Orange Dress #3

Off To Work! (If I worked..)
Little Orange Dress #2

Night On The Town!
Little Orange Dress

What do you think of the Little Orange Dress?


  1. I think the l.o.d. is very pretty and I love the color!! And they ways you styled the dress is amazing!!Great post!

  2. LOVE the bright orange! So cute and such a pop of color!

    Abi Jane

  3. I absolutely adore a deep coral or orange! I think it's going to be huge this season, I'm dying to add one to my collection. I love how you styled these!


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