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I mentioned the Father-Daughter dance on the 19th, when it occurred, and I had so much fun! eJm and I got a little bored and ended up exploring the hotel (it was wonderful... it's the nicest hotel in the whole city!) and taking a few outfit pictures- BTW, if you haven't noticed, outfit posts are my new Thursday thing :) - sorry they are such bad quality... iPhone problems!

eJm was voted best dressed in her SVDW-esque attire

Sorry for my awkwardness.....

The dining room

Dessert! That is not ice cream- it is creme tort with a funky (but FABULOUS) raspberry sauce! (And it was DELICIOUS!)

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  1. Glad you had a great time.Love the pics!! Check out my blog at

  2. You look wonderful in red, Frannie!!


  3. I definitely think you were best dressed :)

  4. Beautiful dress, girl!!

    Love the blog! Very cute.



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