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For Chic Sake

I recently fell in love with For Chic Sake and I simply can not get enough! Basically, For Chic Sake is a blog but with a side of free monogram printables, and a shop! Does that not sound divine?

Today I am going to talk about their printables and how to print them (because the process is a little tricky at first)!

In order to print something from For Chic Sake, you have to download the PDF reader. This is super easy and takes less then 10 seconds. You can do that here!

Some of the printables include plain monogrammed sheets, iPhone charger wraps, and acrylic tray inserts. If you ever want to monogram something that they don't offer, you can download their fonts (!!!) here! This is also takes about 10 seconds to download, and the fonts are not required to be able to print a printable.

Anyways, moving on from downloading the programs to print the printables, let's talk about actually printing them! The For Chic Sake printables page only shows a few of their many printable options, but their Scribd page, which is where you actually find the PDF's to download, has many more options! (See them all here)

Some of my favorite options are the summer notecards, which you can print onto cardstock for adorable stationary, the pink monogrammed sheet, the navy and pink quatrefoil sheet, and the January chevron calendar!

Because you have already downloaded the PDF reader, you simply click "download or print" (in orange) on the right side of the PDF preview and voila! It opens up as a PDF! To customize your monogram you delete the three letters already there, and type in yours; the font will stay the same even if you never downloaded the free fonts! For the January calendar, it comes in blue, green, orange, and two shades of pink, and you can either print all or only one! (I chose the light pink!)

Overall, For Chic Sake printables are super cute and easy to download! I hope this post made sense!!

Have you tried out any of the printables?

PS- Mollie inspired me {here} to custom make my own stationary (I still think hers is cuter)! What do you think?

I also made this one using her template! Which do you like better? Initials or monogram?


  1. That's such a good idea to personalise the notecards! #genius! I'm team monogram :)

  2. Team monogram! Both are adorable though.


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