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Ski Attire

Hey everyone! Today I am going to eJm's ski race (she is basically a professional... she goes to the Junior Olympics every year!) and I am hoping to see a few other friends there as well, it being a slalom race where there are many schools. I am not skiing because I made the commitment to field hockey on Sundays opposed to ski team, so today I am skipping field hockey and heading up to watch her race!

Skiing, obviously, in Wisconsin, requires lots of layers to keep warm. Here is what I would wear if I owned everything...

Ski Race Attire
(Puffy coat, warm leggings, warm sweater, long-sleeve tee, bean boots, scarf, cashmere socks)

And here is what I am actually going to wear :)

Ski Race Attire!
(Puffy coat, warm leggings, cashmere sweater, RL cable-knit, RL angora socks, hat & gloves, Hunters)

I really like both outfits! I think I will be warmer in my outfit wearing both a cashmere and a cable-knit, but the other sweater is cute, too!

What would you were to a ski race?


  1. I love the second and first ski race outfit attire!! Great post!!!

  2. Hey Frannie!

    Since you are one of my #BloggerBesties, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! It would be awesome to see your answers! Check my post out here:!



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