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Smart Girls Group

As most of you know, I am a blogger over at The Smart Girls Group. I have talked about the wonderful community on here multiple times, but I really wanted to dedicate another (see here) whole post to it because of a recent opportunity that they offered me.

The Smart Girl's Group began last January by a lovely friend of mine, Emily Raleigh  I am proud to say that I have been working with the group since the beginning and I have loved every minute of watching it grow.

In the beginning, SGG was just just an online community with an inspiring and encouraging magazine. I remember sitting down in the summer the day the first magazine launched and reading every single page word by word. I think about a week later I had already reread the magazine about five times and decided I had to get involved- I am so happy I did! (Read the whole story of the SGG here!)

I am now a blogger for the Loop (their blog) and recently I was given an astounding opportunity! A spot was opened up in the coming issue of the magazine and I could not be more thrilled to have my own page! The best part? I am interviewing a girl from the Yale soccer team, who's name is also Frannie (coincidentally!)!! I am so so so excited and thankful and grateful in every single way! The Smart Girls Group truly is such a wonderful thing and I definitely recommend you all check it out!

So much hard work has gone into the process of making every issue, every blog post, and every opportunity that the community has to offer! If you are 18 or older (I think that's how it works...) you can also apply to be an intern!

What do you think of The Smart Girl's Group?


  1. I love working with the Smart Girls Group, too! So glad that you're working on an article for Feb!

  2. I just recently submitted an application! I cannot wait to hear back!

  3. Such a wonderful opportunity! I can't wait to read your article!


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