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This Week's Top 10: Current Obsessions

took this photo on an evening jog this week near battery park... so beautiful

 1. Happy Friday!! What a week!! I was so productive/busy/grinding with work that the week was slightly rough but also flew by. I guess that's a good feeling tho? I finally tried Cava and ended up getting it twice this week- they have a ton of locations across the country (except the midwest, of course, smh) so if you have one near you, you must try! I'm already addicted, clearly.

2. On the blog this week I finally shared my dresser DIY makeover!! I made it super detailed so if you're doing a similar project you could find it helpful! Other recent blog posts:

Setting & Achieving Goals in 2021 (with some of my personal tips!)

Graduation Dress Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Also- I don't know if you guys know this but I am constantly adding to and updating the shop page of my blog! You can find it in the top menu under "shop" > "currently loving" or by clicking here!

3. I took my first class with Flex It this week and had a GREAT experience!! Flex It offers virtual personal training sessions and I loved my first one I had on Monday- if you want to try, use code FRAN10 to get your first session for just $10!!

Antique Dresser DIY Makeover + Before & After Photos

OMG, I didn't realize I never published this post!! I redid my dresser a couple of months ago and completely meant to share this post with all of the details earlier, but better late than never right?! Today I am going to share step by step how I redid my lime green antique dresser and turned it into the gorgeous navy blue chic dresser it is now!

Guide to Setting & Achieving Your Goals in 2021

When it comes to achieving my goals, more often than not I end up quitting on them early before I get to where I want to go. For example, if you read my post on the 10-day moving countdown, you’ll notice I really had to focus on reminding myself of the “why” behind my decision and self-motivation to make this dream of moving to New York a reality. Not going to lie, I definitely considered (and even once brought up to my manager) the option of transferring to the Chicago office. SO happy now that I didn’t do that, but that’s where this post comes in: there are several factors that go into setting and achieving major goals, like moving to a new city, and today I am going to share a couple of key elements that are essential to this process.

This Week's Top 10: Podcasts, Apartment Updates, Summer Dresses

image via pinterest

1. If you follow me on Instagram or Tik Tok, you already know this and are probably annoyed with my (LOL sorry), but this week I elevated my morning routine to a whole new level and was truly thriving as a result. I've been waking up at 6AM, doing a 15-20 minute at-home workout (I like Mad Fit on Youtube!), and then walking for about an hour. 

2. I've switched up the podcasts I listen to on those morning walks and have been enjoying the super motivating Mindset Mentor (especially loved this episode) followed by The New York Times Daily to get caught up on what's happening in the world. Highly recommend both podcasts if you don't listen to them already!

3. Speaking of what's going on in our world, more specifically, our country, the Daily episode on Derek Chauvin's charges that came out this week was a great listen. I found it particularly interesting and engaging to hear about how things felt and went down (or up, honestly) in Minnesota on Wednesday.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

How is MAY right around the corner!! This year is seriously flying by. With May comes Mother's Day, and I am especially excited to celebrate this year. My brother and I will be visiting my mom in Charleston (she moved there back in October!) and I am not only looking forward to quality time together, but also warm weather, beach days, and great seafood!

Graduation Dress Roundup

I got a DM from one of you asking me to share a round-up of graduation dress ideas, and I absolutely loved the suggestion! I actually shared a similar post last year when I picked out my graduation dress that I never wore (lol... bought for graduation that didn't happen and then never even did grad pics but it's fine I'm over it) but I'm back again with this year's edition because I am excited and happy for all of you getting to graduate this year-- even though your celebration might look different than expected, you have accomplished so much and it's fun to dress up and take photos no matter how you're celebrating! I just love doing round-ups like these and I am so happy to help. 

This Week's Top 10: All of the Sales

image via pinterest

1. Happy Friday!! This week was a good one. Yesterday I got my first dose of the Moderna vaccine, Wednesday and Thursday I got dinner with my aunts, work was busy yet productive, I cooked, worked out... just overall good vibes. So excited to finally be making some progress with decorating, too!

2. Shopbop is having a sale that ends today- 15% off $200+, and the discounts climb as you spend more. I love these Converse, these blue sneakers, this is my favorite coffee table book that I always get questions about, you know I love Boy Smells candles, obsessed with this (!!!) dress and this dress, this under $100 shirtdress, and every pair of these shorts...

A Moving Recap & First Weeks in NYC Update

Hi! On Monday I published my moving vlog on YouTube, and I feel obligated to share a little bit of an additional recap and some extra details here for all of you real ones. If you have not yet checked out the video, please do! I share some clips from driving across the country in a U-Haul with my brother, arriving in NYC and my reaction to seeing my apartment for the first time, as well as an empty apartment tour!

My Very Honest List of Favorite Products (From the Sephora Sale!)

I am back on the grind with my skincare, health and wellness right now and it feels! so! good! You know that Ariana Grande song where she's like, "I've been eatin healthy I've been drinkin coffeee", that's like... kind of my life right now. Perfect timing because hot girl summer is around the corner and the Sephora Sale starts tomorrow! Today I am going to share my current favorite skincare, beauty, and hair products so you can shop the sale (if you want to!) and glow up with me (LOL).

This Week's Top 10

1. Happy Friday!! This was my first official week in my apartment and I am so happy to be here. I'm going to dedicate this weekend to furniture/decor shopping and really looking forward to it. The cherry blossoms have bloomed throughout the city and they've made my daily walks so enjoyable. 

2. I published the April mood board late last night because I just didn't want to wait any longer! In case you missed it, you can find it here.

3. These are the shorts I was wearing on my IG story yesterday- got so many replies to that story and had to share them! They're only $30, come in a ton of colors, and so cute + comfy!

April Moodboard (Desktop Wallpaper!)

Hello!! Happy April!! How are we already a quarter of the way through 2021? I am in my new apartment in NYC and so happy to be here. Can't wait to share everything with you all soon as I get more settled.  I switched it up a little with the mood board this month and I hope you love this one as much as I do, even though it's over a week late... I'm so sorry!!