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This Week's Top 10: Podcasts, Apartment Updates, Summer Dresses

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1. If you follow me on Instagram or Tik Tok, you already know this and are probably annoyed with my (LOL sorry), but this week I elevated my morning routine to a whole new level and was truly thriving as a result. I've been waking up at 6AM, doing a 15-20 minute at-home workout (I like Mad Fit on Youtube!), and then walking for about an hour. 

2. I've switched up the podcasts I listen to on those morning walks and have been enjoying the super motivating Mindset Mentor (especially loved this episode) followed by The New York Times Daily to get caught up on what's happening in the world. Highly recommend both podcasts if you don't listen to them already!

3. Speaking of what's going on in our world, more specifically, our country, the Daily episode on Derek Chauvin's charges that came out this week was a great listen. I found it particularly interesting and engaging to hear about how things felt and went down (or up, honestly) in Minnesota on Wednesday.

4. In lighter news, I can't stop showing off my new Jonathan Adler pillows on Tik Tok! If you're not yet following me on Tik Tok... plz do! It's a good time. I'm a little addicted. (love the pillows in purple here too)

5. While I'm already doing a little shameless self-promo, I'm trying to post one YouTube video a week! Subscribe here to keep up. Up next: the $20 DIY marble countertops that I shared on my IG stories last night!

6. Ok moving on-- I'm on a salad kick right now and picked up Trader Joe's spicy cashew butter salad dressing this week. First of all, living a block from a TJ's is like the best thing to happen to me ever (kinda exaggerating but kinda not). Secondly, this dressing is *delish*. Highly recommend. I like it with: massaged kale, sweet potato, shredded chicken, and pickled onions. A squeeze of lemon, salt, and pepper, too! Lmk if you try!

7. ICYMI: I shared a Mother's Day gift guide and Graduation Dress round-up on the blog this week!

8. This is the top (and shorts) I was wearing in my IG post this week. LOVE this top (under $50) for the upcoming warmer months and wasn't kidding about how comfy the shorts are. Highly recommend both products!

9. Summer dresses I am swooning over: one, two (under $100), three (under $100), four (under $100)

10. Tonight I am getting dinner with two of my Lehigh friends and really looking forward to catching up! Tomorrow heading to lunch with my aunts and cousin for my cousin's birthday and very excited about that as well. Do you have any fun plans this weekend? 


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