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This Week's Top 10: Current Obsessions

took this photo on an evening jog this week near battery park... so beautiful

 1. Happy Friday!! What a week!! I was so productive/busy/grinding with work that the week was slightly rough but also flew by. I guess that's a good feeling tho? I finally tried Cava and ended up getting it twice this week- they have a ton of locations across the country (except the midwest, of course, smh) so if you have one near you, you must try! I'm already addicted, clearly.

2. On the blog this week I finally shared my dresser DIY makeover!! I made it super detailed so if you're doing a similar project you could find it helpful! Other recent blog posts:

Setting & Achieving Goals in 2021 (with some of my personal tips!)

Graduation Dress Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Also- I don't know if you guys know this but I am constantly adding to and updating the shop page of my blog! You can find it in the top menu under "shop" > "currently loving" or by clicking here!

3. I took my first class with Flex It this week and had a GREAT experience!! Flex It offers virtual personal training sessions and I loved my first one I had on Monday- if you want to try, use code FRAN10 to get your first session for just $10!!

4. This is my latest playlist on Spotify and the theme is like... songs I love obviously, but with great electric guitar riffs (at least most of them). HAHA. I don't know why I am loving the electric guitar right now, or how I got here, but it's such a vibe. I've been listening to this song in particular every single morning and it just SETS UP my day. I can't get enough. Do yourself a favor and if you only listen to one song today, make it this one pleeeease. Let me know if you do and what you think!!

5. I listened to this episode of the Skinny Confidential this morning and really enjoyed it. I am personally way too addicted to sugar, so I loved how this episode talked about what you can add to your body to alkalize yourself and reduce sugar cravings.

6. Guys!! Thank you for all of the love on my YouTube videos so far! If you haven't yet subscribed, please join the fun here! So far I've shared my empty apartment tour here, furniture updates here, and all of the details on how I DIY'd my marble countertops here. I am trying to post a new video every Monday.

7. Speaking of YouTube, I shared about this product at the beginning of this video, and it is 100% my new favorite skincare product! I also shared other holy grail beauty + skin products in this recent blog post.

8. I've been so into Rent The Runway recently. It just makes so much sense for someone who rarely wears things more than once, really only feels comfortable in high-quality clothes, and honestly, only gets dressed for "occasions," meaning I want a *fabulous* outfit, not something random from my closet. I just did RTR this week to stock up on dresses for Charleston, as I am heading there for Mother's Day to visit my mom! I got a couple of Staud dresses that I am especially excited about. Use this link to save us both money on our next order!

9. OMG totally random but I ran out of my favorite hot sauce this week and need a new bottle immediately. This stuff is the. best.

10. Starting this book this weekend!

How is tomorrow already May?! Have a great weekend!

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