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A Moving Recap & First Weeks in NYC Update

Hi! On Monday I published my moving vlog on YouTube, and I feel obligated to share a little bit of an additional recap and some extra details here for all of you real ones. If you have not yet checked out the video, please do! I share some clips from driving across the country in a U-Haul with my brother, arriving in NYC and my reaction to seeing my apartment for the first time, as well as an empty apartment tour!

Let's start on Thursday, March 25. My mom got in Wednesday night from Charleston and my brother arrived Thursday morning from Chicago. We picked up the U-Haul on Thursday and got to work! I had been packing all that week and felt pretty good about where I was at but definitely needed my mom's help to do all of the kitchen-related items and the random things I'd forgotten about (linens, towels, etc).

Thursday night Joe came in from Madison after work and Celia and Elizabeth came over for a drink, and then Joe, Adrian, my mom, and I went out for dinner. On Friday morning, I finished throwing the remaining things in the U-Haul and we were off! Adrian and I drove about twelve hours and stayed in a hotel near Penn State's campus. It was a surprisingly pretty fun journey and the only bad part was diriving in the dark through the mountains in PA thinking our U-Haul was going to fall off a cliff...

On Saturday morning we had about 3 hours to NYC and arrived by noon- this is where it gets good! We picked up my keys and then ventured over to my apartment where I initially reacted thinking it was sooo small. However, after living here for a couple of weeks, I think my aparment is kind of, dare I say, big? for a NYC apartment. I have a dishwasher! I have a bedroom! I have my own space! I am really, truly, so happy to be here.

I actually got the stomach flu on Saturday night and was out of commission for about a week (up until Easter I'd say), so that's why I got pretty much nothing done in terms of unpacking until recently. I was out of town for a week almost immediately after moving in to be in Boston for Easter, and being sick on top of that just really slowed down the settling-in process. Anyway, I am fine now and I have been getting after the decorating and loving it!

So far, I have this table, these chairs, and basically nothing else! Actually- I did go on a shopping spree this past weekend (have you seen my tik tok?!) and bought two of these pillows and this blanket, but otherwise, really taking things one step at a time. I found a couch, bought it, hated it, and have already sold it on Facebook Marketplace. So excited to live in a place I truly love and not planning on settling for anything that doesn't spark joy! 

Again, I am SO happy to be here. The sweet messages you've all been sending recently are warming my heart and I am so grateful. I have so much to be thankful for and I am so excited to continue sharing this journey with all of you!


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