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This Week's Top 10: Online Shopping Obsessions

1. Happy Friday! How was your week? Mine absolutely flew by. I fit in a couple of good workouts this week which left me sore and feeling super motivated! + Elizabeth made this bombbbb playlist that I've been listening to nonstop!

2. I was featured on another episode of the Golden Hour podcast this week! I had so much fun being back on their show (I was on it for the first time back in May). You can check out the episode on Spotify here or Apple podcasts here!

3. This week I ordered this linen duvet cover and I am so excited about it. It looks so beautiful and was a great price-- I love the transparent pricing model! I've only seen Everlane do that but this brand does it as well!! You can get $10 off your purchase with this link!

This Week's Top 10

1. Ugh. To say it's disheartening to kick off the year with the events of this week would be an understatement. What happened at the Capitol on Wednesday is horrific and disgusting. This article with 20 tweets about the events made me feel a bit "better" just knowing that any sort of frustration we feel, we are not alone in it.

2. In brighter news, I painted my nails this week and I am in love with the color! Super out of my comfort zone as my nails are almost always red, but I am very into it.

3. I redownloaded Tik Tok last week and not only am I now addicted, but I also want to buy so many things... I am mostly on home renovation tok and morning routine tok, and I've seen many people post about this silicone collection of kitchen tools. Why do I want it so bad??? Lol

2020 Reflection + Goals for 2021

I was reading over my goals for 2020, and although they were written pre-pandemic, they still were really applicable to the year overall... not going to lie, I typically forget about my New Year's goals after a few months each year. However, despite not intentionally focusing on my goals, they really did shape my year. Today I am going to unpack my 2020 goals and share what my goals are for this year!

January Moodboard (Desktop Wallpaper!)

We are really starting 2021 off strong with the first mood board!!! It might just be my favorite one yet. First off, thank you to everyone who helped me get inspired for this board yesterday on my IG story. So many of you said when you think of January you thinking of skiing and snow, fresh starts, organization, health, and self-care! I put my own spin on those ideas (and so many more!) by doing a really clean, light blue (like snow!) theme, with a few inspirational quotes and cozy winter moments mixed in. Blue and white are my favorite colors, so I love the way this board turned out.

2020 Favorites

Helloooo and happy 2021!! I hope you all had a safe and lovely start to the New Year with loved ones! Joe and I were in Chicago which was very chill but so nice. We had delicious Italian food for dinner, celebrated the ball drop at my brother's apartment, and then slept most of January 1... haha. It was a relaxing, lovely weekend. Also included watching an entire season of the Crown and lots of good food :) 

At the beginning of each month last year, I shared my monthly favorites, so I thought I'd kick things off in 2021 by sharing my favorite things I tried, used, ate, enjoyed, etc. from 2020. You can expect my goals for the year to come in the next few days, as well as the January mood board! So, let's get into it!