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This Week's Top 10: Online Shopping Obsessions

1. Happy Friday! How was your week? Mine absolutely flew by. I fit in a couple of good workouts this week which left me sore and feeling super motivated! + Elizabeth made this bombbbb playlist that I've been listening to nonstop!

2. I was featured on another episode of the Golden Hour podcast this week! I had so much fun being back on their show (I was on it for the first time back in May). You can check out the episode on Spotify here or Apple podcasts here!

3. This week I ordered this linen duvet cover and I am so excited about it. It looks so beautiful and was a great price-- I love the transparent pricing model! I've only seen Everlane do that but this brand does it as well!! You can get $10 off your purchase with this link!

4. Speaking of Everlane, I LOVE this waffle henley!!! It's under $40!!!

5. Also ordered this four-pack of cropped workout tanks for just $30! They came and I am pleasantly surprised with the quality and fit. Highly recommend!

6. I've been thinking about this shirt jacket for days now... do I need it?

7. I think this candle trend is the cutest thing.

8. This blue zebra rug is so affordable and fabulous. Wow.

9. This rainbow ring is gorgeous.

10. Alright ending TWT10 on a bit of a dramatic note...

All of my best friends from college went to Mexico this weekend. For a multitude of reasons, I decided not to join them (COVID, thought I'd be moving around this time back when the trip was booked, etc.) but the Fomo is so so so real. UGH. I don't know why I felt like sharing this but ultimately I just like to share what's on my mind on this blog and this is on my mind nonstop. I love my friends more than anything and wish I was with them so badly, but I feel better knowing I am safe at home and didn't travel frivolously during the pandemic... but still hard to see them all having fun without meee.

Hope you all have a safe, fun weekend!

xx, F

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