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This Week's Top 10

1. Ugh. To say it's disheartening to kick off the year with the events of this week would be an understatement. What happened at the Capitol on Wednesday is horrific and disgusting. This article with 20 tweets about the events made me feel a bit "better" just knowing that any sort of frustration we feel, we are not alone in it.

2. In brighter news, I painted my nails this week and I am in love with the color! Super out of my comfort zone as my nails are almost always red, but I am very into it.

3. I redownloaded Tik Tok last week and not only am I now addicted, but I also want to buy so many things... I am mostly on home renovation tok and morning routine tok, and I've seen many people post about this silicone collection of kitchen tools. Why do I want it so bad??? Lol

4. If you saw my IG stories yesterday, you know I am repainting my lime green dresser navy! I got a lot of inspiration from this article.

5. I wore a pair of lululemon aligns every single day this week... work from home life at it's best, truly.

6. I shared this mask/moisturizer on my IG stories this week because it has truly been my holy grail skincare product this winter. Technically, it's an overnight mask, so I apply it as I would a moisturizer before bed, and then just rinse my face in the morning. It makes my skin feel so hydrated and soft. I am almost out of my jar and will need to order another! It's a little pricey but lasts forever and is so worth it.

7. Has anyone tried Olaplex for their hair? I've heard such good things and want to go for it!

8. This gorgeous cashmere sweater is 60% off!

9. These winter boots are 40% off and so cute!

10. Is anyone else doing Dry January? We are already one week in and personally, I haven't found it at all difficult. That probably has to do with the fact I don't go anywhere or do anything, so of course, I'm not drinking... but still! I am excited to see how the rest of the month goes.


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