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This Week's Top 10

1. Happy Friday!! Does anyone else feel like January has lasted forever? I feel like this month has been 95 days long... but maybe that's just because I tried Dry January for the first time? Haha. I'm looking forward to another relaxing weekend (it's been so cold here, so I doubt I'll even leave my house) and then come Monday, it'll be February!

2. The highlight of my week was either baking cookies on Tuesday night... or getting Claudia's book in the mail! You guys know I listen to the Morning Toast every single day, so I of course pre-ordered her book, Girl with No Job, and have been loving it so far.

3. My friend Caroline shared a great blog post spotlighting her current favorite content creators, and was kind enough to include me! I personally followed a few of the people on her list and recommend checking out the post if you're in the mood for a little extra inspiration! 

4. On the blog this week I shared how I make my mood boards and a gift guide for Valentine's Day! I really can't get over this tennis bracelet, and I think I might have to treat myself to this lotion.

5. This recipe for one-pan orzo with spinach + feta looks delish... I've been so into Greek food lately!

6. Ok why am I obsessed with looking inside of people's fridges?? This article lets you peek into the fridges of 17 different wellness peeps and reading it was the treat I didn't know I needed this morning... Some of them were so healthy I would starve (lol) and others I was like, yeah, same (looking at you, hot sauce queen)

7. I love Grace, and I loved this blog post of hers about life being like chapters in a book. At 22, just starting my first job and planning to move to NYC in a few short months, my current life chapter is ending, and that is a scary thought!! But, it is also a reminder that there will be things to look forward to and much more to discover down the road.

8. I sent off my art to Framebridge last night and I am so eager to have it come back to me!!! I just can't wait to see how it turns out. I went with this frame for my Campari print and this frame for my Breakfast at Tiffany's print.

9. Speaking of art, I really fell in love with this "chill pill" poster this week. Can you tell I've been apartment planning?!

10. The dresser pulls I ordered are supposed to arrive today and I am so excited to finally share the complete dresser reveal soon!!!



  1. I also loved that article on fridges!! Some of them were so pretty my mind was blown haha

    Thanks for including my post <3 I love seeing your Friday follows on Instagram for new inspo!

    xx Caroline


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