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This Week's Top 10

1. I officially moved out of my apartment yesterday, and despite being a lot of work (we lived on the fourth floor of a walkup!) it wasn't too bad because my mom is a genius and got a U-Haul to make everything easier *praise emoji* In case you missed the details on my IG story, I'm living at home for the foreseeable future until it's safe for me to move to NYC for my job (which I am so grateful is still on the table and starting mid-September as planned). you can see my senior year room tour in this post

2. Taylor Swift's new album Folklore came out at midnight! Have you listened yet? I am listening right now and already love it.

3. I just discovered the Starfish Project, which is a jewelry company with an incredible mission. From their website: "100% of your purchase is invested in our social mission to help trafficked and exploited women experience freedom, establish independence, and develop careers." I love this necklace and this cute bracelet. I will definitely order soon to support the girls and this inspiring company!

4. I ordered another pair of my fave bike shorts this week because I'm obsessed. I had the white and just got the olive green, and love them just as much (if not more!)

5. Lauren Elizabeth has been sober for six months and her video was such a great watch... I am always impressed by her and this made me love her even more!

6. ...but on the other hand, this is an OG fave wine of mine and I've been loving it extra lately. All about balance for me!

7. On the blog this week I shared so many cute (non-medical!) masks, my summer makeup routine, and the snacks I've been loving lately.

8. Do I need this necklace or do I need this necklace?

9. You are probably going to hear about the Nordstrom anniversary sale a lot in the coming weeks from bloggers. You can start previewing the sale today and adding to your wishlist (a new feature this year), although it doesn't open for a couple of weeks. I don't usually shop it but this year I think I might... mainly to stock up on work/home essentials for my next chapter!

10. H&M restocked my fave sweatshorts in SIX colors!! You guys always ask me about them whenever I wear them on IG stories and I was very excited to see them on the website again. They run TTS-- I'm a medium!



  1. i literally love all of folklore but i think my first listen favs are mirrorball, august, and this is me trying <3

    also love your blog so much!!

    1. thank you, grace!! yes the whole album is amazing... august is one of my faves, too!

  2. Favorite thing about this week is I got back into running and have been loving it! You inspired me lately with all your Instagram story runs!

  3. The 1 is my favorite from folklore! I’m super impressed by this album. Also the bike shorts are amazing ... wearing them in white currently !!

    1. the 1 miiiiight be my fave too! listening to it right now!! also-- love that you love the bike shorts, i can't get enough!


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