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Recent Wellness Obsessions

I am currently going through a bit of an unintentional wellness phase where I feel a really strong urge to take extra care of my mind and body. I haven't been doing anything crazy, but I've just been incorporating a few extra things into my day-to-day that make me feel less stressed, and more "well." Although I'm not doing much this summer (besides blogging), I think it's understandable that many of us are more on edge/stressed out than we otherwise would be, given the state of our world. So, today I'm sharing a few things I've been loving lately related to wellness to hopefully inspire your own self-care habits!

Recent loves... 
SiO Beauty Cryo System // I've been doing this every morning for about two weeks now and really loving it. The two-step system includes a serum followed by a skin-toning tool that uses the power of cold therapy and massage to visibly reduce redness, pore size, and puffiness. If I miss a day, it's gotten to the point where I can feel the difference in my skin when I use it the next time around. Crazy.

Body Butter // Confession: I am the worst when it comes to moisturizing consistently. This is something I had wanted to change forever and it makes me so happy that I've been moisturizing lately!! I love this rose lotion but want to try this body butter to support small!

Pilates // I don't really do any regular exercise besides running, and I think it's really important to mix up workouts. SO, I am trying to do pilates once a week. I know that might not seem like a lot or a big deal to many of you, but for me, choosing a non-cardio workout like a run or long walk is totally out of my comfort zone! After all, getting uncomfortable and mixing things up is where growth and change happens! I did this pilates workout last week and it was the perfect combination of lowkey/doable and a great workout... I wasn't dying during the video, but I was totally sweating and sore the next day!

Sunscreen // I am very proud of myself for how good I've been about wearing sunscreen this summer. I spend a lot of time outside whether it's running, going for walks, or just hanging out, and I've been much better this summer than ever before in regard to wearing sunscreen. This face sunscreen is my current overall favorite -- it's a great stand-alone base (like a lighter tinted moisturizer), but this is my fave for a workout (sweat-resistant and non-tinted!)

Want to try...
Lavender essential oil + diffuser // Elsie's post on the best essential oils for sleep inspired this one! I have the lavender Diptyque candle in my room right now, and it's divine. However, you obviously have to blow out a candle before you go to bed, and I really want something that fills my room with lavender-scented loveliness while I sleep. Enter: lavender essential oils! This self-care kick has me really wanting to nail down a strong nighttime routine! I used to have a lavender pillow spray but ran out of it years ago... I want to get in the habit of creating a really peaceful and calm environment before bed. This diffuser is inexpensive and really cute!

I saw Sydney review this Tula brightening under-eye product on her stories last week and was sold immediately. I don't really "need" an under-eye product at the moment, but I want this!!!

This Laneige Glowy Serum looks incredible... I have loved every Laniege product I've tried!


Is there anything you've been loving lately in regard to wellness/beauty/self-care?

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