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Current Fave Foods/Snacks

I go through phases where I get really excited about the things I'm eating, and then phases where I don't really care. I think because I'm coming back from three weeks of lobster rolls, dinners out, and delicious meals from breakfast to dessert, I'm in a phase where I really want to eat delicious things. In a way, I guess I'm just trying to keep the streak alive while being a bit healthier and eating at home again. Today I'm sharing the foods, drinks, and snacks I've been obsessed with lately!

Buffalo Ranch Pop Chips // You guys know I'm obsessed with spicy food... like, I'd eat lava if I could. These chips are surprisingly quite spicy. I didn't even get the ranch note (and I love ranch) because they were just so buffalo/spice-heavy. If you're into spicy, you must try these!

Everything Bagels // Because my favorite workout is running, I'm not scared of carbs. I need them to go for a good run. I know my body and what makes me feel good, and bagels just really fuel me! I definitely used to be scared of bagels in high school, and I am so glad I am out of that phase of my life. Lately, I've been loving an everything bagel with cream cheese, tomato, and red onion for a brunch vibe, or half with cream cheese and the other half with avocado for breakfast if I'm feeling pretty hungry one morning. So good. I found these exact bagels at my grocery store and they are perfect -- more protein than your typical bagel and equally delicious! Potentially unpopular opinion: I think this whipped cream cheese is the best thing ever; it is so fluffy and I'm obsessed with it.

English Muffins // On a similar note, I have been recently obsessed with English muffins. I just get the original/regular plain ones. If I'm in the mood for breakfast on the sweeter side, I'll do an English muffin with peanut butter, cinnamon, and sea salt. I posted a story of that the other day and had to laugh at how many of you responded saying you, similarly, had forgotten about English muffins but are getting back into them again... thank God because they are just SO GOOD!!!!

Watermelon + Peach-Pear La Croix // These two flavors are new-to-me and perfect for summer. You guys know how much I love my sparkling water... I seriously try to limit myself to, like, three a day? I can't get enough of these two flavors. Highly recommend.

Autumn's Gold Bars // Remember this sponsored post I did last month? Well, I'm genuinely a huge fan of these bars (find them on Amazon or your Costco). In general, I don't eat bars a ton just because I'm not on the go right now, but sometimes... I just want one, and these are good. Completely clean ingredients, grain-free, and the perfect crunch and sweetness. Sometimes in the afternoon after a long run, I'll have one of these, or I'll crumble one on a yogurt bowl for breakfast! After I shared the IG post, I also heard from a handful of you that their granola is incredible! I will have to try that soon.

Watermelon + Cherries // Really, is there anything better than fresh fruit in the summer? I've been buying watermelon and cherries nonstop at the grocery store lately, and having them for dessert is almost more satisfying than ice cream!

What are your current favorite foods/drinks/snacks? I always want more ideas!!!

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